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What Is The Gerber Baby Contest?

Gerber Baby Contest 2015 – 2016 – 2017 Winners & 2018 Advice

Gerber Products are a company that has supplied baby food and baby products to families around the world since 1927 – they’ve been doing so for over 90 years! Founded in Michigan by Daniel Frank Gerber, the company first began by producing canned fruits and vegetables.

Luckily for Daniel, his wife, Dorothy, was a pediatrician who made the wise suggestion to make hand-strained food for the baby daughter.

Gerber was quickly able to recognize the business opportunity and began to produce baby food. His business grew quickly, and by 1928, baby food made by Gerber was available across the entire country.

It’s amazing to think that if Daniel and Dorothy hadn’t had their daughter Sally, Gerber as we know it may never have come into existence.

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gerber baby contest 2015

Cute Kids Win Prizes

Gerber Baby 2015


As of 2017, Gerber sells over 190 products in 80 countries and 16 different languages.

Babies all over the world enjoy the nourishing and familiar taste of Gerber baby food. Odds are, most of us have eaten Gerber baby food when we were babies ourselves, along with our parents and grandparents!

The Gerber Baby Contest 2015, 2016 and 2017 and into 2018

For the past eight years, Gerber has launched an annual Photo Search, inviting parents across the country to submit photos of their own baby to win a huge price – $50,000 in cash, $1,5000 from Gerber Childrenswear and the chance for their baby to be the big star in an advertisement for Gerber.

The good news is there are also six follow-up places, with prizes of $3,500 in cash and $750 in Gerber Childrenswear to be won throughout the Gerber’s Milestone categories – Birth+, Supported Sitter, Sitter, Crawler, Toddler, and Preschooler.


gerber baby photo 2015

The Original Gerber Baby Photo

Historical Gerber Baby Winners 2016, 2015, 2016 & 2017

The winner of the 2016 Gerber Baby contest was Riley Shines, a beautiful little 7-month-old boy who stole the hearts of the judges on the panel with his gummy smile.

His parents, Kristen and Devin, believed winning the competition was a long shot. Husband Devin laughed at mother Kristen for entering in the first place.

Kristen says, ‘Originally, my husband laughed at me for entering the contest because there were so many submissions! Now, we have the opportunity to start a college fund for our beautiful baby boy.’

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gerber baby photo contest 2015

Contest Rules Gerber

Baby Contest


When Riley’s win was announced, the manager of promotions marketing for Gerber, Robyn Fitter, stated ‘This year, the judges loved Riley’s expression and how well he captured their attention through a simple photograph. We are all thrilled to name Riley as our 2017 Spokesbaby!’


So Many Applications

There were over 110,000 applicants for the 2016 Gerber Baby Contest, so Riley’s win was monumental.

He has gone on to star on the Gerber social media accounts across the year that has followed, with millions of Americans now familiar with the cute kid’s little face.


who is the gerber baby

Wind Big Prize Money

Cute Baby Contest 2015


Along with Riley’s spot in first place, the Milestone category winning entries were…

Birth+ – Leo from Rockville, MD

Supported Sitter – Chase from Southport, CT

Sitter – Willow from Wichita, KS

Crawler – Bryce from Mount Holly, NJ

Toddler – Camden from New York, NY

Preschooler – Alanys from Humacao, Puerto Rico

These category winners were lucky enough to walk away with $3,500 in cash, as well as $750 in Gerber Childrenswear.


gerber baby contest winner 2015

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How Does the Gerber Baby Contest Work?

Each year, Gerber announces the annual baby contest during the fall season, which is followed by an open period that allows for photo submissions of babies from all across America.

This is followed by a voting period, where friends, family members, and total strangers are able to vote for whom they believe should be the baby face of Gerber for the coming calendar year.

Parents then must wait patiently until January, when Gerber announces the Gerber baby contest winners, as well as the grand prize winner, who then has the honor of being crowned as Gerber’s spokes-baby for the year to follow.

There are many names the Gerber Baby Contest is referred to as, so it’s important to know they’re all talking about the same competition, to keep from getting confused!

The Gerber Baby Contest 2015, Gerber’s Spokesbaby 2016 and Gerber Baby 2016 are all referring to the same contest and same grand prize winner.

gerber contest 2015

Cute Kids Contest Winners

The cutest baby


Historically, the search was called the ‘Be Our Baby Photo Search’, with a name change following the 2014 contest.

The Gerber Baby Contest 2017 will be announced during the fall of 2017, with the winner to be announced in January 2018.

This winner will be crowned the ‘Gerber’s Spokesbaby 2018’. Although the years may get confusing, the timing is quite simple once you’ve understood how the competition works and its key stages.


the cutest baby contest 2015

Enter Your Cute Kid to Win

Gerber Photo Search 2015

What Are The Gerber Baby Contest Rules?

The rules for the Gerber Baby Contest are relatively simple.

Participation is limited to legal U.S. residents or those who reside in the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

You also need to be at minimum 18 years of age and the legal guardian or parent of the child in the photo you submit (this is not an opportunity to ‘borrow’ a photo of your neighbor’s cute baby!).

The rules are flexible when it comes to the baby’s age – they need to be at least 1 day old and no older than 48 months at the time the photo is submitted.


gerber baby model 2014

Win Prizes Cute Kids

Gerber Baby Images 2015

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There are strict requirements about the photo that is to be uploaded. These include…

No professional photographers – photos that are submitted cannot be taken by a paid photographer.

No photo collages – you are not able to combine 2 or more photos into one image, it must be a single photo.


gerber babies 2012

Cute Gerber Kids 2015

Baby Picture Contest Enter Cute Kid Contest


The photo cannot be uploaded anywhere else – you must retain sole copyright ownership of the picture, so even social media is out when it comes to where else your photo can be uploaded.

The photo must be taken with 30 days prior to submission – no, you cannot submit a photo of your baby a year ago. The photo must be recent and must fall within this 30 days previous window to be considered.


baby gerber contest 2015

Enter the Cute Kid Contest

Baby Modeling Contest

The good news about entering the contest – it’s free!

There are no entry fees for entering the Gerber Baby Contest so there’s nothing to stop you from submitting the cutest photo of your baby you can find, crossing your fingers and hoping their cute little smile will sway the judges in their favor.

How Does Voting Work?

Even though the choice of the grand prizewinner does not come about through cast votes, you are able to vote for the Milestone winners.

If your baby is entered into the Gerber Baby Contest, you can encourage your friends and family to vote for their photo in order to increase your chance of placing within these milestone winners.

There’s always the chance that the judges will choose your baby for the grand prize, but hey, who not increase your options as much as possible?


gerber baby contest 2015

Gerber Baby Photo Contest

When Was the Gerber Baby Contest Born?

The original Gerber Baby that appeared on the packaging for Gerber Baby Foods was a pencil sketch that was found through the original contest that took place in 1928, meaning the Gerber Baby is now almost 90 years old!

The contest was conducted in the summer of 1928 when the owners of the Gerber Company decided they wanted a baby face that could represent their new baby food. Many entries were submitted, from simple sketches to elaborate oil paintings of babies.


gerber baby modeling

Gerber Modeling Contest 2015

The Cute Kid Contest

Dorothy Hope Smith, who lived in Westport, Connecticut, was an artist whose specialty was drawings of children.

She drew a sketch of her neighbor’s baby, Ann Turner Cook, who was two years old at the time.

She submitted a simple charcoal sketch that, in her perspective, was unfinished.

She told the judging panel that if she were to win, she would continue to work on the drawing in order to finish it professionally.

gerber com photosearch

Cute Kid Gerber Contest

Baby Gerber Contest 2015

Much to Dorothy’s surprise, her drawing did win – but the judges asked for no changes to be made!

They loved the simple charcoal sketch and it was this drawing that went on to become the internationally recognizable Gerber Baby.

Since then, the Gerber Baby has appeared on all Gerber packaging and in every single Gerber advertisement.


Gerber Baby Photo Contest 2015

How to Win Gerber Contest

Tips for How to Increase Your Chances of Winning

There are many ways you can increase your likelihood of winning the Gerber Baby Contest.

First of all, it’s important to understand the difference between a baby photography contest and a baby photo contest, of which the Gerber Baby Contest falls under the latter category.

Baby photography generally refers to professional photographers who, more often than not, will be taking glamor shots of babies, layered with props, fancy outfits, and cute settings.

If you begin to search the internet for tips on baby photography, you’ll be bombarded with notes about which camera to use, how to light the photo, which backdrops to use, how you can incorporate props, and how to force your baby to cooperate.

However, this isn’t quite the style of photo the Gerber Baby Contest is really looking for.

If you take a look at the photos of winners from previous years, their photos are more natural, capturing babies in their natural environments and in a spontaneous moment that truly reflects some of their personality and what it is that makes that particular baby unique.


free baby contest

Gerber Baby 2015

How to Become a Gerber Baby


The Gerber Baby Contest is looking for photos from everyday moms and dads, from regular families who are living their lives day to day.

Photos that are authentic, honest and true will have more of a chance of resonating with the judging panel who make up the Grand Prize selection team, as well as your friends, family and the surrounding community who will be able to vote within the runner-up sections.

In fact, it’s even one of the entry rules – if you look at Gerber’s guidelines, it clearly states ‘Participant acknowledges and agrees that professional photographs are not eligible.’


gerber baby contest 2015

Cute Gerber Baby Contest 2015

Cutest Baby Contest


So, when you begin to think about the photo you may submit for the next Gerber Baby Contest, leave the fancy props and complicated lighting to the professionals.

Your job is to get a great photo of your baby in his or her natural state – smiling at their parent!

This is something only moms or dads can really do, which is what makes the Gerber Baby Contest even more special for the hundreds of thousands of Americans who enter year after year.

Actually, Submit a Photo!

Yes, it may sound silly, but too many people get excited about contests, only to fail in following through with an entry. Make a deal with yourself now! That when it comes to the cut-off date for entries, your baby’s photo will absolutely be sitting in the pile of photos that the judges need to make their way through. This is the first step to potential victory! In the words of Nike…Just do it!

Make a deal with yourself now! That when it comes to the cut-off date for entries, your baby’s photo will absolutely be sitting in the pile of photos that the judges need to make their way through. This is the first step to potential victory! In the words of Nike…Just do it!

This is the first step to potential victory! In the words of Nike…Just do it!


gerber baby contest 2015

Enter to Win the Gerber Contest


Gerber Contest Winners 2014

Gerber Contest Winners 2015

Go for Natural Shots

Is there something that your baby particularly loves to do, or an area where they love to be?

Find somewhere where your baby is happy, laughing and enjoying themselves, and use this as the space to take your baby’s photo.

You want to create an environment through the photo of warmth, fun, and joy, so actually spend some time enjoying being with your baby before you pull the camera out.

If you’re able to capture their natural and authentic smile and laughter, you’ll be well on your way to a great photo that has the most chance of catching the judge’s eye.


the cutest baby

Cutest Kid

Gerber Photo Search


One way you can increase your chances is by practicing with your camera for a while before gearing up to take your entry shot.

Being familiar with how your camera responds to different lighting, focal lengths, and environments will help you to maximize the quality of the final photo you walk away from.


gerber baby modeling

Gerber 2015

The Cute Kid Contest


There’s nothing worse than a photo that’s blurry, too dark, or where everything is in stark focus so there’s no nice natural blur to the background.

Experiment with your camera and its various settings until you’re comfortable that you know how to take a great portrait.

The bonus here is that if you happen to be practicing by taking photos of your baby, you may just end up taking that winning shot without even meaning to.


gerber com photosearch

Gerber modeling 2016

Baby Gerber Contest 2015


The other plus is you’ll have a bunch of beautiful new photos of your baby from that specific stage of their life.

We think these moments will last forever, but all too soon, the babies are bigger, talking, crawling, walking, heading off to preschool…

you want to make sure you’ve captured as many precious moments of their lives as you can, and making yourself comfortable and familiar with the camera you have at home is a great way of ensuring you’re able to capture lots of life moments as the years continue.


the gerber baby now

Cute Kid Contest Winner 2016

Gerber Modeling


Perhaps you may not win the Gerber Baby Contest, but you’ll still be able to tell your child you thought they were the cutest baby in the nation, and you have the proof from entering them into the contest!


gerber cute baby contest

The Cute Kid 2016

cute baby contests 2015


Lighting is the biggest element that can make or break your photo.

Make sure there aren’t lights on behind your baby, as this will darken your baby and sometimes even make them unrecognizable.

The light should be coming from the front, shining onto your baby, rather than from behind, which is just going to turn them into a big shadow.

The same goes for the sun – position your baby so the light is hitting the front of them, rather than having glaring sunshine silhouetting them from the back!

Natural light is also going to give you a much better end result than artificial light.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you need studio lighting or any kind of professional lighting – this isn’t necessary.



gerber baby today

Gerber baby auditions


gerber baby models

baby pictures contest

carters baby models

cute kids contest


The best way to hunt down natural light is to walk through your home in the morning and notice where the sun is falling.

Rooms that are the lightest and have the most ‘glow’ about them will give you a nice amount of diffused natural light (instead of harsh rays that could cause problems or unevenness in your photos).

Do you have a room with big windows that let the room be flooded with sunlight? This could be the perfect place to take your photo with the sun’s natural sunshine as your assistant.


baby gerber

Baby Modelling Contest


You may also want to consider taking your photo outside.

If you do so, make sure the light is not too harsh on your baby, so pick a time of day where the light is the most diffused and creating an even layer across the environment, rather than trying to get your poor baby to smile while it’s being hit directly in the face with sun beams!


gerber babies

Baby Picture Contest


The best tip you can follow is to practice, practice, practice.

Practicing will let you get familiar with your own camera, with the tools at your disposal and with the simple ways you can adjust your photo taking style in order to capture the best results.

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to practice taking photos before you decide ‘today is the day to get that winning shot!’.

Don’t leave it to the day before entries closed, or you’ll be stressed rather than relaxed, which will in turn impact on the quality of your results.


gerber baby contest 2015

cutest baby contest


Another Great Idea….


is to have an ‘assistant’ with you. If your partner or a family member the baby loves and trusts is available, ask them to come along and enlist their services in getting your baby giggling and ensuring he or she is happy and relaxed.

If they’re focused on looking after the baby, you can focus on the camera, and on being able to respond with the camera to what your baby does so you have the most chances of snapping that perfect shot.


baby contest

baby photo contest


As well, you’d be crazy not to take a look at the previous winners of the Gerber Baby Contest before taking your shots.

There are plenty of clues in the winning images as to what will capture the judge’s attention the most.

The past six winning photos have all been very natural shots, with babies who look right at home, and who are happy, relaxed and engaged with the photographer.

Most of them are also quite close in as a portrait with the baby filling most of the frame, so don’t take your shots from too far away and let your baby take up most of the space that’s available.


gerber baby model contest

baby photo contests 2015


What is it about your baby that makes them so unique?

Is it their giggle, their smile, or their wide eyes when they discover something new? Forget about fancy lights, backdrops, or sets – your job as the Gerber Baby Contest family photographer is to try and capture this uniqueness and let it be celebrated in the photo.


gerber cutest baby contest

cutest baby contest

gerber baby search

beautiful baby contest

new gerber baby

cute baby contest past winner


Why Does Gerber Run the Baby Contest?

Gerber has built its brand on a foundation of promoting and supporting nutrition for growing families across the globe and is a very family-friendly corporate brand.

They believe their products are a great help when it comes to providing growing babies with necessary everyday nutrition and making sure babies are happy, healthy, and growing well.


gerber contest

the cutest baby


Gerber’s baby food has fed generations of people throughout America and the globe, and it’s interesting to think that all of these people benefitted from the availability of Gerber baby products,

all thanks to one mother’s original need to feed her baby food that was healthy, nutritious, and would allow her to take some of the stress out of her everyday life when it came to how difficult it was to prepare it.

gerber baby model

baby picture contest


What Could Winning the Gerber Baby Contest do for Your family

The grand prize of the Gerber Baby Contest is big enough that it could change the lives of many families.

The 2016 winner’s parents declared they would take the $50,000 prize money and put it away into a college fund for the winning baby to use once he was old enough to go to college.

For many children, college is a huge expense, but also a vital part of receiving a great education that allows them to pursue their intended career.

By taking this money and setting it aside in an interest-earning account, your baby could find themselves entering college with a great head start, all thanks to a cute baby photo taken of them many years ago!



gerber baby contest 2015

Cutest Baby Contest


However, putting the money away for college isn’t the only thing this prize money could be used for.

Other parents online have written about how winning this money could allow them to buy a new house, pay off debts, take a family holiday, or change their standard of living.


gerber baby photo contest

Baby Contest


For many Americans, everyday life is expensive, and raising kids only adds to that expense.

By choosing to use the $50,000 grand prize money in a more immediate way, there could be many benefits to the winning family, who will have a huge opportunity to do something that they normally could not afford.


gerber baby model

Gerber Baby Images


It’s lovely to think of the Gerber Baby Contest winners from years past who are now growing healthily and happily.

The years will flash by, and they’ll receive a happy surprise once they’re old enough to understand what their cute smiles achieved when they were kids.


gerber baby modeling

The Cute Kid Contest


Gerber babies have become synonymous with ‘cute kids’ across the nation of America.

It’s quite a compliment to be told ‘your child should be the Gerber baby’!

If you’re wise, you could actually have a chance at winning the Gerber Baby Contest four times over by beginning when your child is a newborn and taking a photo each year until they turn 4.

It may not seem like a lot when there are over 100,000 other families entering photos of their cute kids, but hey, it’s worth a try!


gerber babies

Baby Picture Contest


As well, there’s the added benefit for those parents whose kids do not go on to win the grand prize or place in the supporting categories – they’ll be left with many photos of their child from a sweet and fleeting age that they will be able to revisit once they’re older.


gerber com photosearch

Baby Gerber Contest


Plus, parents are often looking for excuses just to hang out with their cute kids, right?

Picking up a camera and spending an afternoon making your baby giggle in the sunshine sounds like a pretty idyllic day, even without the added benefit of potentially winning the largest baby photo contest in America.


the gerber baby now

Gerber modeling

gerber baby competition

free baby photo contest


Diversity is also celebrated by the Gerber Baby Contest – over the past few years, a mixture of boys and girls, as well as varied ethnicities, have won the competition.

This is a beautiful way to highlight the many different kinds of everyday families living their lives throughout America who all want the same thing for their growing children – happiness, peace, safety and opportunities throughout their lives as they continue to get older.


new gerber baby

cute baby contest past winner

gerber baby search

beautiful baby contest



So, to recap, if you’re considering entering the Gerber Baby Contest, here are some things to remember…

Your baby must be between 0-4 years of age. If their fifth birthday is fast approaching, you should keep a close eye on when the contest is announced so you will know whether or not your child’s photo is eligible.


gerber baby today

Gerber baby auditions

carters baby models

Cute kids contest

gerber baby models

Baby pictures contest


You must take the photo yourself – you are not allowed to enter photos taken by a professional photographer.

This is a competition celebrating every day babies, moms and dads. Perfectly posed photos in a professional studio aren’t quite the look Gerber is going for!

Your photo must be taken within the last 30 days before you enter – in this particular instance; you’re not able to use photos you have taken that are older than 30 days.

If you need to take some fresh photos, grab your baby, get familiar with your camera, and start snapping!


gerber baby contest 2015

cutest baby contest


Embrace what it is that makes your baby unique – take a look at the winning entries over the past few years.

All of them show babies who are obviously comfortable, relaxed, and who trust the face behind the camera. Don’t try and make your baby do something that does not feel natural, such as forcing them into a fancy outfit.

Go with what feels best and turn the photo taking session into a fun time that celebrates the bond between you and your child.


gerber cute baby contest

cute baby contests


There’s more to the competition than just the grand prize – although the grand prize is the big one, there are also the category entries where your baby could place as a runner-up.

This is determined by public voting, so this is where you can rally your friends and family and flood social media with requests to vote.

If your baby truly is as cute as you think they are, their photo and the option to vote them in should be a very compelling request!


free baby contest

How to Become a Gerber Baby


If your baby wins, they’ll be the official Gerber Spokes baby for the year that follows. Not only will they walk away with the grand prize, but also their life will be recorded across the Gerber social media platforms for the year to come.

This is important to consider as one side effect may be that your baby is noticed – as their parent, you need to make sure you’re comfortable with that kind of attention.

However, the good thing about babies is they grow so fast, they probably won’t be recognized in public for more than a few months as their little bodies change and grow. Plus, it’ll make a great story to tell your child when they’re older!


gerber baby model

Gerber Baby Images


So what are you waiting for?

Take a close look at the past Gerber Baby Contest winners, grab your camera, your child and go for it.

The Gerber Baby Contest is designed to celebrate happy, healthy and growing babies.

The good news is, you don’t need to win to do that – you can start at home today, celebrating your own little one!


new gerber baby

cute baby contest past winner

Gerber Baby Contest Terms and Conditions 2016, 2015, 2016 & 2017

We Have Re-Formatted the Content of the Terms and Conditions so That They Are Reader Friendly

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