Is a Beauty Contest or Beautiful Baby Contests all They’re Cracked up to be?

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Pressures of a Beauty Contest

Women and children from all around the world enter a beauty contest or a beautiful baby contest every day. However, there’s much pressure to be the best and this can cause issues for the participants, especially the children. The most famous of these events are Miss America and Little Miss America. These can lead to participating in Miss World.

A Typical Day of a Pageant Participant

Getting ready for a competition can bring pressures all on it’s own. Waking up early, especially for children, isn’t always effortless. Contestants can easily put in a sixteen to twenty hour days just to prepare for the pageant. Makeup, hair, nails, skin treatments, and more needs to be done on a daily basis for adults and children. There’s much pushing from society to be perfect.

Rehearsals must be attended. Interviews are held in almost all beauty pageants and competitions. Interview techniques must be practised constantly. The participant’s talent must be also be rehearsed and perfected.

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Appearance is only one component to these competitions. Shopping trips are orchestrated to buy the impeccable outfits all the contestants wear. Many categories of clothes are used in these events. One must have a bathing suite, formal gown, talent outfit, sportswear, and anything else circumstances call for. Workouts must be mandated to be as physically fit as possible. Makeup has to be flawless at all times. One must always be prepared to have their photo taken. This takes a lot of effort, work and planning ahead.

Being Organized

Preparations can take many weeks because of how numerous the different elements are involved in a pageant. Outfits must be planned and easy to change quickly. Registration guidelines for each competition must be complete ahead of time. Travel arrangements are a requirement for any event being held out of town. Portfolios need to be in perfect condition and ready to hand in upon arrival.

There’s many people involved in the activities of a beauty competition. The participant makes sure everyone is lined up and ready to go. This includes, but is not limited to, friends and family, coaches, makeup artists, choreographers, and hairstylists. Everything needs to be on a schedule. The bigger the pageant, the more people are needed to be successful. Everyone needs to be on the same page.

Eating Disorders

With so much pressure to be perfect at all times, other problems can develop. The average Body Mass Index of a contestant is 18.1 as of 2010, according to a beauty pageant statistics website. With more then 2.5 million women and children participating in these events, the pressure to be the thinnest can really mount.

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The most common eating disorders are bulimia and anorexia. Webster’s Dictionary defines bulimia as “ emotional disorder in which periods of overeating are preceded by self-induced vomiting, depression, purging, or fasting.” Anorexia is defined as “ emotional disorder categorized by an impulsive desire to lose weight by not wanting to eat.” Both of these disorders can have deadly consequences if not treated in time.

Symptoms of anorexia include being 15% under the ideal body weight, missing three or more periods in a row, person thinks they’re fat when it’s obvious they’re underweight (skewed perception of self),  and have a morbid fear of becoming fat.

Symptoms of bulimia include not being able to control how much food is eaten, forcing one’s self to vomit after eating, (binging and purging), consuming large quantities of food within a two hour period and feeling ashamed or scared of becoming obese.

Cool Under Pressure

Don’t make mountains out of molehills. Take one thing at a time and never make a problem bigger then it really is. Stay as positive as possible. Be organized. This technique will lower a stress threshold by over half by itself. Meditate if possible or take a hot bubble bath. Go for a short walk. Talk to a friend or read a good book.

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By showing the judges how to be cool and collected during a beauty contest, the chances of winning are greatly improved. Be on time, keep that head held high, smile, and stay as friendly as possible with the other participants. Cat fights are usually frowned upon. A lady always watches her temper. And remember, a loss isn’t truly a loss. Learn from mistakes and try again next year!

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