Free Baby Photo Contest 2012 – This is Your Year to Win Big!

baby photo contest 2012

Baby Contests 2012  Time to Rise and Shine

Baby contests in 2012 are still open for submissions. Every year there are baby competitions going on around the world. These free baby photo contests are very popular events amongst the plethora of other family events. Parents take part in the contests with excitement and the gossip spreads like wildfire. It’s more like a festival event rather than a competition. So, if you’re missing this big event then the good news is you’re not too late. There’s still contest going on for 2012, that’s still accepting new entries. It’s your turn to get into the competition.

This is a contest of baby photos and the most loved photos usually win the title. It’s considered the best form of entertainment by the people who attend them. The whole country waits to cheer for the winner of the contest. The winner becomes a celebrity overnight and receives the same VIP treatment like many other celebrities.

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What’s New in Baby Competitions 2012

Well rather than some new faces of babies not much changes, that’s the beauty of the contest. It always stays the same from year to year. Sometimes the judges, but rest assured the show goes on.

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What About the Registrations

Just the same as the previous year, you fill out the required fields and upload photos of your baby, start asking for votes on Facebook. That’s it, sometimes entry fees change a bit, but others remain the same as the previous year.

What’s The Process of The Contests

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After successfully uploading your baby’s photo you wait till the end of the month, and then a panel of judges picks the winners in different categories for that month. Then the winners for the month get listed for voting, at the end of the year a winner will be announced by the contest authorities, as the baby of the year. Usually the highest number of votes wins the title.

You can’t directly enter the baby of the year contest, you’ll need to enter in the baby of the month contest first. Baby of the month will automatically enter the baby of the year contest.

How Much Can You Win

Baby contest 2012 offers a grand prize of $25,000 in the form of a college fund. Monthly winners also receive a reward of $500 along with some exciting gifts like digital cameras and iPad or iPhone etc. That’s not all, every participant receives gift vouchers for just participating in the contests. It’s not the reward that makes the contest attractive, it’s the fame and glory that allures most competitors.

What’s In It for You

Baby photo competitions can give you a sense of achievement. Your baby may not win, but still has the possibility for a great future. If you’ve ever considered entering into the media business then you must know the probabilities. Baby modeling can earn a substantial amount of income.

The Cute Kid Contest

Hundreds of television shows are being made for thousands of channels, most of the shows and dramas need at least one baby model for these shows. Babies don’t go to the producers or agents for working opportunities. So, it’s the agent’s job to find the new baby talent for their shows. Getting your baby in front of the agent is a huge step. If the agent likes your baby then anything is possible.

Baby Competitions 2012

Your baby is your superstar no doubt, but many mothers also feel the same way. What makes your baby different from the others? There’s 8 billion people in the world and everyone is unique in their own style. Finding something unique is the key to winning any contest and this contest is no exception.

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Don’t let others take over your baby’s future, don’t listen to anyone. No matter how cheap your camera is, you’ve got the same chances of winning the baby contests 2012 just like the other competitors. Remember the judges don’t care about your camera prices or anything else, they judge by the look and moment caught on film. Another important thing is, all the baby contests are judged without any discriminations, this ensures a fair chance of winning.

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