Baby Photo Contests Need Great Photos and Safety for Your Kids

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Baby Photo Contest Safety Checklist & Advice

Extreme caution needs to be observed when doing photo shoots, entry calls, travelling, and everything else associated with a baby photo contest. Preparing for the competition can prevent anything catastrophic from happening. Some things might seem simple enough but are usually overlooked.

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Have Baby, Will Travel

When working on baby’s portfolio, travel is needed to go various locations and settings. Make sure the vehicle used is in good working order and has decent tires. Dress appropriately for the weather and make sure extra clothes are on hand.

People sometimes overlook the fact that car seats need to be in prime condition. Some people don’t have the car seat fastened correctly. Check the manual or do a search online for the proper way to install a car seat.

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Choosing a safe location is important. Make sure there will not be anything around that could harm the baby. Places with holes or wells are a big no no, as it’s easy for a baby to fall in and get stuck. Remember when “Baby Jessica” McClure fell in the well. She is alive and well today, but things could have gone much worse.

Identity Kits

Sometimes the unthinkable happens. The parents look away for one second and the baby is gone. To help police find the baby faster, make an identity kit. This kit includes fingerprints, a photo of the baby,  social security number, and a swab kit for DNA. Any notable marks, such as birthmarks and their location, will also be listed.

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Every parent should have one of these for their children. Many local businesses will host a free ID kit day throughout the year. They have police on hand to do everything needed for the parents. Some police stations offer ID kits as well that can be done at home. Keep all of this information in a safe place. When travelling, bring the kit with you. Keep in mind at all times what the baby is wearing, especially their shoes. Most kidnappers will change the baby’s clothes, but not the shoes.

Attending Local Events

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If the baby is being entered in a baby photo competition that’s a local social event, there’s ways to ensure the baby’s safety. These venues are usually full of people and environmental issues so caution must be used.

If there’s going to be lots of sun make sure some type of shade is available. This way, while taking in all the sights and sounds of the event, the baby has a place to go to cool off. Of course, hooded strollers are ideal as well if the child cannot walk yet. Keeping the baby safe in hot weather is a must. Babies can suffer from heatstroke much faster then adults can. Keep the baby hydrated at all times.

Online Safety Tips

Sometimes it’s much easier to enter a competition online. Many websites host thousands of these a year. Precaution must be observed in choosing the right one. Doing a search on how to find online scams can prevent one from happening to the parent. There’s many ways people use to con someone out of their hard earned money at the expense of the child. The use the love of the baby against the parent. Check sites with the Better Business Bureau as well.

Choosing the Right Modelling Agency

Not all modelling agencies are reliable or dependable. Some are fraudulent and will steal money without so much as a thank you and goodbye. It always pays to check into agencies the baby may be introduced to.

Talk to other parents in the modelling world and get references from them. Parents that have already been through this process will have great safety ideas and tips for newcomers. Write everything down, including any questions that come to mind.

Nothing is perfect and even with the safest conditions possible accidents can and do happen. Be prepared. Carry a first aid kit at all times. Know where the local hospital is. Keep the baby’s doctor’s phone number on speed dial.

When the baby is kept safe, the process of entering a baby photo contest and other competitions can be made quite pleasant. Be aware of the surroundings of any locations visited, keep a first aid kit handy, check into all events before entering, contact the Better Business Bureau, and above all have a great time with your family!

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