Baby Photo Contests Online – Why so Popular?

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Baby Contests and why they are so Popular

Most people really find babies irresistibly delightful.  Unless you just don’t like kids, nobody can resist those cute faces they make.  That is why baby contests were born. Everyone wants their baby adored and loved by everyone. The prize money doesn’t hurt either, so why not right?  But be careful because not all baby contests are legit.  In any business these days, there always seems to be a copy cat.  Let us go over some facts that you need to consider when it comes to a baby contest.
So ask yourself these questions:

    •    Is the contest for real?  

gerber photo contestWe can just search away for a baby contest, with technology these days; with a push of a button you can enter a contest.  It is to your advantage if you do research ahead of time.  Sure you can enter especially if the baby contest is bringing a name of a trusted baby brand but still you would not want to give out your information and details to a scam artist.  So even with the trusted baby brands, research on contest winners or ask around or better yet when you get to a store you can ask their sales lady about the contest.  Worst case scenario, people will just rob you with your hard earned savings and would not get anything in return. So watch out, be vigilant.

•    Do the prizes work for you?

If it is just cash, there is no problem about it; anybody could use some, right?  For the freebies from sponsors, that is what you have to look out for.  If most of the prizes are good for your child especially on some baby contests, they give out scholarships or a sum of money for the child’s college fund or insurance or anything like that.  Still, even with these useful prizes, you need to ask the organizers of the baby contest about the terms and conditions of these prizes.  If you have the money, you might want to consult legal help to read fine print under the conditions of the baby contest prize.

•    Who is judging?

If you are entering these photo contests for a future modeling career for your little one, then it helps to know the judges.  Sometimes, especially on big photo contests, the judges come from modeling agencies or are agents themselves. Don’t be deceived though because sometimes even if you don’t know the judges, this baby contest might just be the one that a talent scout will be looking through secretly since the photos will be published online.

•    What photo should I pick?

Pick the most vivid photos because clarity counts.  With the technology these days, not photo-shopped though, you can get really clear pictures with the resolution of today’s cameras.  Particularly if you went to a professional photographer then exposure and contrast should not be your concern.  But if you are doing it yourself make sure it is clear and make sure it is well lighted to avoid shadows. If you are thinking of getting your baby a modeling job in the end, then better get great photos not only for a baby contest but to build his or her portfolio, you can also use to pass for the modeling agencies.

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There are still a lot of things to consider but above all do not forget to have fun and make it fun for your little munchkin.  Make it fun rather than traumatic.  Do not put pressure on your baby just for a baby contest.  Let this be an experience he or she somehow feels good about and not something he or she does not want to visit.  We may sometimes take for granted our child’s feelings knowing that it is for their best that it leaves them scarred.

We may think, he or she will not even remember but this can affect him or her in a way.  You would not want that for your child growing up.  Sometimes parents go overboard in pushing their kids so much on the things that they think are going to be good that they tend to overwhelm their children with expectations.
At the end of the day, it is just a baby contest and it is not between life and death.  Cheer up and your kid will.  Relax and your kid will strike you a pose.

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