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Famous Gerber Photo Contests

Today, let’s discuss some famous baby photo contests like the Gerber photo contests, some you may or may not have heard about. Organizations are hosting more and more of these competitions every single day. If you’re interested in participating, might as well start at the top.

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Most Famous Competitions

People from all over the world have heard about the Gerber photo competition. This competition is one of the best known and has been around since 1928.. People from all over the United States try to win a chance that their child will become a celebrity overnight and be the next Gerber baby. This competition is now held online to make things much easier for participants. The first Gerber baby was Anne Turner Cook, who won this prestigious award back in 1928 when she was five months old.

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What to Expect – When Expecting, is considered the pregnant mom’s bible. Not only do they give parents vast amounts of information written by other parents on what to expect during and after childbirth, they also hold an annual online competition for cutest baby picture. The current competition is called Red, White and Blue. Entrants have until July 15th to participate. This time the focus is on the entire family, as they want fun family pictures showing how you celebrate. The grand prize is an Apple iPad and bragging rights that your child is the cutest.

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Sophie the Giraffe is turning 50 years old this year and is celebrating with her own competition.  Sophie the giraffe was born May 25th, 1961 on St. Sophie’s day. Back then, the only toys available were pet figurines and farm animals. One day in France a man by the name of Monsieur Rampeau, designed the concept of Sophie. Her look has never changed and parents lover her, because she is the perfect size for their babies to hold onto. This year she is turning 50 years old and they want your help to celebrate her birthday. They’re requesting photographs of Sophie in places that represent the city you live in. This could be a ranch, mountains, forest, beach, harbor or other places. There will be a first prize winner selected from each state. They lucky winners will each win a Sophie giraffe gift case that equals $50 dollars. The winning photographs will also land a spot on the Sophie the Giraffe USA website.

gerber baby contestAnother popular website, Pottery Barn Kids, holds a competition monthly. Winners get their pictures featured on the Pottery Barn Kids website and on their Facebook pages. The photographs are also posted in stores and their catalogs.

Babble holds The Impossibly Cute Kid Photo Competition. Entrants receive a gift card in the amount of $10 dollars just for signing up. Each month a winner is drawn and is awarded $1,000 dollars. Monthly winners are put into a drawing for Cute Kid of the Year. That winner gets the $25,000 dollar grand prize!


The Gap hosts it’s very own competitions as well. Who hasn’t heard of The Gap? Cattle call auditions are always being held to find the next BabyGap model. The next is being held on July 26th,  2012. The Gap gives out many more prizes as well. They select 4 grand prize winners instead of only one. Each receives a gift card of $1,000 dollars to spend at the Gap and the possibility of being in a Gap marketing campaign. Gap also provides a grant in the amount of $10,000 dollars in each winner’s name to Communities in Schools. This nonprofit organization helps students stay in school. A professional photo shoot and $500 dollar gift card will be awarded to sixteen finalists. And last but not least, there will be five winners that get the $500 dollar gift card just for voting in the competition.

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Always read the guidelines and regulations before entering any kind of competition. This applies to any that are not online as well. Make sure the competition is legal in your state. There’s no point in going through the registration process if you can’t win anything anyway.

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Gerber photo contests can be fun for the entire family. Ask friends and family for photograph ideas and support. Ask them to vote for your baby picture. Above all, keep your child safe, use common sense when choosing a competition, and if you win, don’t forget the other little babies in your life!




How Some Celebrities Got Their Start with Kids Photo Contest

There’s quite a few celebrities discovered after they were entered into a kids photo contest. Many people wonder how this happened and how it works. They wonder if their own child could be discovered this way.

Celebrity Backgrounds

There are quite a few questions people ask about how celebrities are discovered. Was it the right place at the right time? Did they have a rich relative that introduced them to the business? Maybe they used a talent agency or went to an academy. Every single celebrity probably had to work hard along with being discovered. People without talent and know how, are not going to get anywhere. People need to find out what works for them.

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Tina Fey worked at a swim club at the snack bar. Ellen DeGeneres was a car wash specialist, driving the cars. Megan Fox had to wear a banana costume at a smoothie shop. Gwen Stefani started out working at Dairy Queen. If it paid the bills, just like you, this was how it was done. Celebrities were normal people like us before they got famous. However, the celebrities were offered a great opportunity that paid off for them at some point in their lives. Everyone is looking for that one big break. There is one sad fact that history has proven. Most child or baby stars are not successful as adults. Other famous people were discovered from entering and winning a talent show or photo competition. There’s no simple or easy way to become famous. Expect to work hard at a regular job and participate in photo competitions and talent shows so that your face gets some exposure. The rest is really up to luck.

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Picking a Contest

With a little common sense and some solidified research, finding the consummate fit for your baby can be made almost effortless. Components you need to consider when looking for a good, legitimate baby photo competition are categories offered, whether the competition legitimate or not, what you want for your child such as a modeling contract, magazine cover, or TV spot, ages involved, what do the winners receive, and who and how are they judged. Ask yourself if the competition is safe for your child. Does the event have your child’s best interest at heart? Also helpful, if you can afford it, is to hire a lawyer to read all the rules and regulations and maybe run a background check on the competitions you’re interested in.

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Do Your Research

Checking the forums, if there’s any, and speaking to other parents are always wonderful ways to start figuring out which event is right for your little one. Get assurance that the competition is being judged by professional judges. This will grant your child better exposure (if that is your desire) and professionals know what they’re looking for. This is the way numerous Miss America pageant winners got their start. See if there is a way you can talk to people who have judged competitions in the past and what their criteria was.

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Ask as many questions as you can think of. Write everything down and keep lists of the pros and cons of each competition that is researched. Don’t jump headfirst into an event based on one thing such as the prizes offered. Check everything out and always double check your information.

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Not All Contests Are the Same

Ask yourself how much exposure you want for your child. Do you want a large competition or small one? Are you looking for a modeling contract? Maybe you want your precious one to star in a commercial or appear on the cover of a magazine. Small competitions keep the exposure to a minimum while larger ones can really get your face out there and quickly. This is good if you’re only wanting prize money to put away for college. Larger competitions will get your child known. Some of the prizes for these include TV spots. Most have some sort of cash prize or magazine cover exposure.

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Understand age limits as all competitions are different. You can’t enter a baby in a youth competition nor can an adult be in child beauty pageant. Never give up and enter into a  kids photo contest. People can get a million rejections before they find fame. Remember, everything happens for a reason.

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