Gerber Baby Contest – A Time Honored Tradition or Just Another Scam?

gerber baby contest

Is the Gerber Baby Contest in Question?

People these days are quite skeptical about online baby picture contests and sweepstakes alike. It’s no wonder because there are so many scams out there and being jaded about the whole thing is not uncommon. Sometimes even time honoured institutions like the Gerber Baby Contest come under the microscope and are questioned as to their validity.


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You can rest assured that there is no other brand that has more integrity than the Gerber Brand. It has stood the test of time and in regard to it’s famous contest, it has awarded all of its prizes as it has advertised and has only grown in popularity throughout the years.

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Gerber has been synonymous with healthy kids food products since it’s inception way back when. Everyone remembers the very first baby picture that represented the brand in the early days. It has become fused with the brand that the two cannot be separated. Even today with Gerber using many baby images to represent its brand, the original baby Gerber image is still the one everyone recognizes. This cute kids face became so popular that the Gerber corporation decided to use this as their official trademark. Now imagine your baby’s face on one of the Gerber products, how would that feel? Exciting, right!

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Well Gerber made it possible for any baby to get featured on Gerber products. In the year 1928, Gerber first started this contest, searching a fresh face to feature as their brand ambassador. You know how popular it got, and from then on, they have been hosting this contest to search for new fresh faces.

Looking for the perfect sitter?

The Gerber baby competition is the most popular among many other baby photo competitions. Last year’s prize money was more than $50,000 with many other prizes. The prize money makes this even more desirable. Parents looking for extra cash always look for the Gerber contests and the winners get a lot more than just cash. Many bonuses and extra prizes come with winning. Notoriety and fame are good benefits that come to kids looking to progress their acting or modelling careers. One of the closest contest in regard to prize money is the Cute Kid Contest. It gives prizes every month to the tune of $2500 for the monthly winner and $25,000 as a Grand Prize, plus modelling contracts and the many bonuses that come with fame.

How to Get Into the Gerber Baby Contest

Getting into the contest is the easiest part, winning isn’t that easy. Every month hundreds of thousands of babies compete to win the competition. But only one baby gets to win the monthly competition. The prize money and the fame that come along with the winner’s crown, makes it irresistible for the parents to stay out of the competition and so to with the “Cute Kids Contest”

baby gerber contest

Cute Babies Make Cute Photos for the Gerber Baby Contest

All you’ve got to do is to register your baby for the competition along with the best photo of your baby. Mothers have a passion of taking a lot of pictures of their babies and no one can blame them for doing so. It’s the precious moments that make parenting the most joyful experience in the parents’ life. People Love their kids and the amount of pictures some parents take really reflects that.

But just being loving is not going to win your baby the competition, so prepare yourself well for the competition. It’s all in the picture. Take the Most time getting your picture right. the rest of the competition guidelines are easy to follow and they all hing on the quality of the photo you take. Do this right and this could change the course of your baby’s life.

What Else Do You Get Along With the Prize Money?

The prize money isn’t the only thing you could win from this contest. The list is a lot longer than you can imagine. If you win this Gerber contest and get your baby featured on the Gerber products, then it could start a new career prospect for your baby. Can you recall the baby that worked in the Hollywood blockbuster called “Babies Day Out”, how much that baby made is beyond imagination? By featuring in any baby competition could bring you the same opportunity.

The fame is the cherry on top of the ice cream. It comes totally free with the crown. Now it’s your turn to live the dream for yourself and your baby.

Is it Really the Best Thing I Can do for My Baby?

Entering your baby in a baby competition isn’t anything close to wrong; it’s the first sign of your caring for your baby. Every month hundreds of thousands of people get their baby registered for this sort of competition and feel proud about it. No one can blame you for something that you’re doing in the best interest of your baby. Any winner receives a once in a lifetime opportunity, winning these competitions ensures the best future for your child. This is in the best interest of your baby; just wipe away any hesitations you’ve got in your mind.

The Cute Kid Contest

The Gerber baby contest is limited to only babies that are 1 day to 48 months old.

So if you want to enlist your baby for the contest, you need to hurry. Your baby is growing up fast and the opportunity is stepping away faster than your baby’s growth.

How to Take the Best Picture for the Contest

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