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Baby contests are becoming very popular these days, especially as the prize money grows.  These platforms have provided a way for kids talents to be exposed and to hopefully be discovered at a young age. The kids get to model, get involved in advertising, sing or feature in songs by being seen in a baby contest like the Gerber Baby Contest.  Some of the babies have appeared on TV shows and are even hosting some TV programs.  The most famous baby contest is Gerber’s baby contest that’s hosted annually.  Others include the cutest baby contest, people’s choice gallery, Gap Kids contest and so many others.  LifeExtension.com

The Company and the Contest

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Gerber is a company that retails in baby products, clothing and so much more.  The company was started in 1928 and has since grown to launch a lot of baby products.  The Gerber Company holds the Gerber contest annually with a motive of awarding children prize money and helping them open up great opportunities towards a career path in Fashion, Television, Motion Pictures to mention a few.  The Cute Kid Contest Enter Now

gerber baby cute kid contest rules regulations

To Download a PDF of the Gerber Baby Photo Contest Rules –  Click Here

The Gerber baby contest gives the opportunity for young babies to showcase their talent.  This is done by submitting your babies’ photo online.  LifeExtension.com

The procedures for sending your child’s photos are laid down on the website.  The Gerber baby contest is run by the Gerber Company.  Gerber’s original baby contest started in 1928, and that is how baby Ann Turner Cook was discovered.  The company is known for its great connections. They are known to place young talent with outstanding companies

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Gerber’s baby contest is not just about giving money to its winners.  It gives your child a platform to be able to meet great celebrities and model brand name products for famous companies, including their own Gerber products.  The winning child may be used to advertise the Gerber products.  

Baby modeling agencies are always on the lookout for fresh faces. They use such platforms to find their next big thing. LifeExtension.com

By signing your kid for this contest, you will help them get on the right path into the entertainment industry.  Unlike so many questionable avenues a person can take to gain exposure, the Gerber brand is respected and trusted.  It’s a double delight with Gerber; get exposure plus money. The Gerber baby contest has six milestones that children can participate in.

The milestones are birth, supported sitter, sitter, crawler, toddler and finally pre-schooler.

These categories are based on age to help the contest become fairer.

Each milestone is usually awarded $3500 in cash and $750 in clothing for Gerber children’s wear (the price quoted is subject to change during the different contest).  There are a lot of prices to be won when participating in the Gerber contest including cash prices.  The money is awarded in the form of a check.  Enter the Sweetest Kids Contest Here >

In Garber’s contest, there are different categories of winning. There is the overall winner who bags away stipulated cash price, and there are other six winners of the different milestones categories. The winners of the milestones are selected by consumer voting while the grand winner is chosen by a panel of judges. To participate in the contest, there is no purchase necessary. Entry is to totally free. There are no charges such as the registration fee making it open for people from all walks of life. All for free, you may help your child have a complete turnaround in their life. 

To participate, you can do it via the website www.gerber.com/photo search or via mobile. In both, there are instructions laid down to help you upload and submit a photo.  The mobile devices that can support this program include IOS and Android devices. Although the entry into the search is free, data rates may apply depending on the mobile device provider.  LifeExtension.com

Rules And Guidelines To Observe If You Are Looking To Participate In Gerber Baby Contest

 To participate in this contest, there are rules and regulation that participants have to observe strictly to the latter. These guidelines have been clearly stipulated down on their site and agreeing to enter into the competition means that you have accepted all the terms. Violation of any of these rules may get you eliminated from the completion. Below are rules and guidelines to observe if you would want to participate in Garber’s contest for the babies and parents.

The first step if you would want to participate in the Gerber baby contest is to register. Visit the official Gerber’s website and follow the links and instructions laid down the site. Registration is completely free. Even if you are not submitting a photo, you might want to register with email so as to get a chance to vote for participating babies. After finishing the registration process then you can be able to enter the competition through the online link or via the mobile phone

Check out the cutest kids in the world and enter your child’s photo for a chance to win!

Gerber’s baby completion is for babies who are newborn to those of 48 months at the date of entry. This means that your baby may be older than that during the awarding ceremony but not during the registration process. If your baby is not within this age bracket, then he or she cannot participate in this contest. Proof of this has to be submitted including the birth certificate especially if your photo is selected as the winning photo.

If you would want to participate in the Gerber baby contest then first you will have to submit a photo of your baby. Every time Gerber announce their contest, they give a window period to submit your babies’ photo. This is done on their official Gerber website. If the window period for submitting a photo times out and you have not done that, then you will be locked out of the competition. During Gerber baby contest 2016, the submission period was 09/07/2016 to 10/28/2016. If you did not submit your photo during this period, then you locked out of the 2016 competition luckily this event is annual, and you should be on the lookout for the next.  LifeExtension.com

All children photographed must be wearing a diaper on their bottom regardless of age. The children in the toddler and pre-schooler milestone must be clothed on top. Photos of children captured while naked in the bathtubs will not be included 

Once a photo has been submitted at no point can it be altered or changed hence you have to be completely sure of the photo you are submitting.  Avoid too much editing and filters. Do the basics such as cropping, resizing and converting a file format. If the photo taken is more than five MB, then you will have to resize it then convert it to jpg, png or the BMP format.  Enter the Sweetest Kids Contest Here >

The photo submitted should be taken within the 30 days of submission. Using the 2016 contest let me help you understand this. The photo that was submitted had to be taken within 8/8/2016-09/08/2016. They need recent photos of the baby. Even if you have a perfect picture that you think is what will help your baby, if not taken in the correct window period, it cannot be uploaded. You may have to provide documentation as proof that the picture was taken within the given time frame. LifeExtension.com

Professional photos are not accepted into the contest. You are not supposed to pay a professional take picture for the baby contest you have to do it yourself. Photos taken are to be solely for the purpose of submitting to the competition. At no point can you submit a photo that already or previously been published. After submission, you should also not post it anywhere else including social media platform.  There should be legal authorization if you are submitting the kid’s photo and you are not the legal guardian. The parents of the child must also be at least 18 years old or rather the legal age depending on the state.

Check out the cutest kids in the world and enter your child’s photo for a chance to win!

Voting guideline. On the milestone category, you can only vote once per milestone category per person per day. Votes cast by the same person more than the stated limitation will be considered null and void. The participants are prohibited from getting votes in any fraudulent or inappropriate ways such as offering prizes or inducements, creating multiple accounts to vote multiple times among other ways.

Children participating in the contest cannot be represented by an agent. If the kid has a manager, agent or professional guild serving them, then they are not eligible for the contest. This is because Gerber does not provide talent placement service. The contest is solely for the purpose of getting the best children that will represent Gerber. 

To participate in the contest, the kid/legal guardian must be residing in any of the fifty United States, Puerto Rico plus the District of Columbia only. This is not an international competition, and if you are not a resident of the United States, then you are not eligible. Not only are you supposed to be residing in these states but you also have to be a citizen

Only one picture is acceptable per child in the contest. You can only upload one photo of each of your child (if several of you babies are participating) within any of the six milestones they fall under. Submission of multiples or siblings in the same milestone are considered as one. You are not supposed to submit photos of the same child to various categories. You also can not photo collage in which the two or more pictures make up one main image. You cannot cut and copy paste pictures together. Attempts in trying to make more than the stated number of submission by use of multiple email address will lead to an automatic disqualification. Other previous submissions may also be termed void. 

The Gerber recipient cannot transfer, substitute or redeem non–cash awards for money. The promoter has the sole right and discretion to change an award with one of higher value or with one that is of comparable value.

If you are an employee at Gerber( that means you work for Hello world Inc., Trisect LLC, Three deep and their parents, affiliates, and subsidiaries), then your child or rather children cannot participate in the contest. Also, the immediate family members cannot participate in the competition. This is because it brings out the conflict of interest. If it is found that this rule was violated, your baby will be eliminated even if he or she had already won the competition. LifeExtension.com

A photo submitted for voting should not have watermarks from a photographer or is labeled as sample or proof. It also should not contain personal identification including license plate numbers, personal names, street addresses or even personal email address. The photo should also not be inappropriate rather it should help in relaying the positive message the promoters are trying to pass. 

How To Take Winning Baby Pictures

To win a contest that photo has to be excellent, eye catching and be able to steal the heart of the voters or better yet the heart of the panel of judges. Have a look at the various tips outlined below that will greatly help you while taking that life changing photo.

Chances of winning highly depend on the photo that was submitted. The photo has to be great, too much editing avoided. The photo should be less than 5mb; you can resize it if it’s more than this or has a third party do this for you. The resizing process can be learned online.  The better the photo, the higher the chances of winning the contest. Below are tips that you can use while taking the babies photo and increase your chances of winning.  Enter the Sweetest Kids Contest Here >

Great lighting. Great lighting does a little magic to the pictures; it makes it ordinary or extraordinary. A photo was taken during the day and the night has significant differences. When taking a photo identify where the light is coming from. Be it natural lighting or artificial such as the lamp, use it to your advantage. Get also to learn if the light is highlighting the area or just casting shadows. Utilization of the flash can help solve the lighting problem. During the day when the sun is creating harsh shadows, the flash will fill in the ugly shadows to create even exposure. Lighting will determine a pictures clarity which is of crucial importance when submitting a photo. Ensure that the location where you decide to take the picture (indoor or outdoor) has excellent lighting. 

Check out the cutest kids in the world and enter your child’s photo for a chance to win!

Originality counts. Try being unique while taking your babies photo. This can be regarding the background, bays clothing or the babies pose. You can view the baby’s gallery and see the past photos of the children who won. Do not try to imitate these photos just get ideas and then work on being unique.  All babies are unique, and they all have that unique character that sets them apart, the smile, the laugh the eyebrows and so much more. Use that to help your baby win the contest.  Naming the images is a way that shows you own the images. This is entirely different from the watermarks which should not be in the picture. A shot accompanied by a full title is great and different. LifeExtension.com

Contrast; these photos have to look sharp and crisp. With great contrast, your photo can become the winning photo. This can be achieved with the contrast tool on Photoshop. You should bear in mind that you cannot overdo this just a little to make it look better and sharp. There are three basic things that help to bring out the contrast. The first is additional colors; bringing added color to your photo will reduce contrast. The second is ratio effect; this includes the background setting. A violet colored house décor set against a white wall has higher contrast as well as effect. 

Get close enough. Robert Capa once said if your photographs aren’t good enough then you are not close enough. Fill the frame with your subject. The closer you are to the subject the better your capture plus you will be able to get their facial expression well. You can get down on the ground to take close photos of babies. People tend to get drawn and connected to photos that are more close up. Ensure you live the head room and the foreground space. These spaces come in handy especially if you would want to crop the photo. 

Take time while getting the shot. Understand what is happening before pressing the shutter. With this, you will be able to take a perfect shot. Do not just press the shutter button to give time to both you and the baby but not to much time also. Taking time will also help in paying attention to the background. A perfect shot may later not be perfect because of some rag behind the background. Ensure your hand is steady because shaking will affect a photos clarity, they appear blurred.

Take as many shots as you can. While taking this shot you might want to imagine your baby is a model, just click, click, and click. Whether their eyes are closed, open or half-mast, whether smiling or in any other posture just capture the moment. The more the photo you have, the higher the chance of

Capturing that picture perfect moment. Taking a single shot is highly disadvantageous and risky. You may not be entirely sure about the photo.

Shape with the light. While taking your shot, do not take a shot with the sun directly behind you. Doing this will create dull, flat light on the baby. Taking a photo with the light source to you will be able to shape with the light hence creating a more interesting picture. 

Be present. Make eye contact with your baby, engage with them and listen to your child while taking the shot. You should also be prepared by keeping your phone or camera near you especially during play time. The baby may have a perfect smile at a particular time. The baby should also be well fed, comfortable and happy while taking the shot.  LifeExtension.com

Make the pictures personal. Take the photos in settings that have to mean in your life. Making pictures personal always gives them a deeper resonance. This will also help the judges and the voter understand the story behind the photo. A good picture always has a story behind it. Photos are a form of art and art is another way of communication.

Composition. There is more to composition than experienced placement of aspects. Great composition is crucial for great photos. A composition that communicates your desired significance work is what you should go for. Try avoiding composition that does not or does puzzle the audience. A symmetrical shot often leads to a good point of interest that can lead to a striking image.

Check out the cutest kids in the world and enter your child’s photo for a chance to win!

The depth of field. This is the distance where items are in focus. This method goes hand in hand with the composition. Go deep on your photo. The depth of field used when taking pictures will have a great influence on the composition of the picture. The depth of field isolates the target from its background as well as the foreground. A shallow depth of field can deliver quite an excellent photo and bring highlight to the subject too.  

Photo enhancement. Try to make the improvement as minimal as possible. A great shot may be ruined by too much editing as the photo ends up looking so unreal. Try to avoid overcropping, over-correcting as well as resizing. The picture has to be seen for what it is not what you want people to see. Little adjustments can do no harm as long has you know to use the photo tools correctly.  LifeExtension.com

Get candid. Candid shots capture a child while unselfconscious. This may happen while they are playing or even sleeping. Have patience and do wait for genuine smiles and laughs. These shots are always eye catching and so great as they look all natural.

Ways To Improve Your Child’s Chances Of Being Picked

Below are tips and things you need to know to help your baby win the Gerber baby contest. These guidelines have been researched on and have been found to be extremely useful if looking to win the contest

Practice. As they say, practice makes perfect. Even before the competition, you should already be taking pictures of your baby. This will help your baby become fond of the camera. Teach your kid how to smile laugh while looking at the camera. With much practice when you will be required to take a shot it will be better than the previous ones or even excellent.

The first thing is making sure you qualify and abide by all the regulation. Violation of the guidelines will lead to an automatic disqualification and elimination. Following all the rules to the latter will increase their chances of getting selected. The rules to follow have been mentioned above.  You should also spend some time searching for more information about the various Gerber contests that have been held. Learn as much as you can and also get to view the gallery for the various grand and milestone winners.  LifeExtension.com

Getting a perfect shot. A clear picture will increase your chance of winning. By following some of the tips listed while photographing your kid will help greatly. Remember that too much editing will reduce chances of getting picked. Remember the competition is all about a perfect photo.

If you want your child to win the milestone categories, then you will need to vote. The winner of the milestone categories is selected by consumer voting. Mobilize your friends and family to vote for your child because of the more the votes, the higher the chances of winning. To vote for the child, you will have to visit Gaber’s page and click on the photo of the child you would want to vote for. Click on the vote button and a notification will be sent that the vote has been counted. 

Check out the cutest kids in the world and enter your child’s photo for a chance to win!

Milestone Award Determination

The eligible submissions made before the submission period times out will be displayed on the site for voting during the voting period. Ensure you submit your baby’s photo to the correct milestone. Once voting has begun, individuals will be invited to visit the website and vote for their favorites. 

What The Panel of Judges Look For In Selecting The Grand Winner

Aside from the milestone price, there is a grand price. The winner of this grand prize is selected by a panel of judges in the Gerber contest. The judges have what they are looking for while selecting the winner and their choice has to be unanimous.  LifeExtension.com

The first thing they look at is the photo definitely; it is a photo contest. The photo has to be appealing, look genuine, clear and taken under the laid out stipulation. They look for the visual appeal of the child in the picture. Photos that have surpassed this criterion are taken to another step for analysis.

Next, the judges look at the expressiveness of the child in the photo. Be it a smile, laugh, frown, grin or any other facial expression. Their expressions have to be vivid and completely clear on the photo. With this tip, you can improve the chance of your baby’s photo being picked. 

The award given is eligible for taxation by the federal government as well as cost expenses associated with the award. All the awards details are the Promoters’ sole discretion,   LifeExtension.com

Lastly the look for consistency with Gerber’s heritage and mission. The photo chosen has to show what Gerber is all about and all its principles. This includes all its terms and conditions that are clearly stipulated down on their website.


Taking a great Gerber contest photo does not require expertise nor does it require expensive device or equipment. You just need to follow the few tips we have laid down for you and will be able to

Take that great shot. Do not deny your child that incredible opportunity to change both your lives with the excuse that you do not do photography or have a perfect camera. All children have an equal opportunity of being selected if the judges and the people see that they deserve the opportunity.

It is of high importance to read down all the Gerber’s law laid down and completely understand them. If you have any question fell free to enquire and you will get help from the customer service. These rules are critical as a violation of any law will lead to an automatic disqualification and may also affect future sign ups. You would not want to jeopardize your baby’s chance of winning simply because you were arrogant and too lazy to read

After entering the contest, you should always have various documentation proofs such as when the baby was born (birth certificate is helpful) and when the baby’s photo was taken. This proof may be required for validation before your child’s photo is selected as the grand winning photo or the various milestone photos.  LifeExtension.com

The Gerber’s contest is an annual event, and you may want to try out for your different babies. A parent is not limited to some baby sign ups as long as it’s a different contest. Concerning the same contest a guideline above on the milestone sign up will be of great help.  

Gerber’s baby contest is an annual event. Sometimes the event may come and go without your knowledge. To avoid this, you should subscribe to Gerber’s newsletter and be among the first to know when the dates of photo submission or voting start. The signing gives you an upper hand including knowledge and tips on the Gerber baby photo contest.  LifeExtension.com

For our readers, you may not have your child participating in the contest, but you may help one win the competition. Register your email address and cast your vote for the baby that will steal your heart. Vote or that child, every day until the voting window, is closed. That single vote may change a baby’s life so much.

With these fantastic tips wait for the next Gerber baby contest, and you may walk away rich.  Help your baby sign up and change their lives with the incredible opportunities that come with it. This may be the turning point for both you and your babies. There is no harm in trying and after all, the entire contest is completely free hence no reasons you cannot sign up your child.

Check out the cutest kids in the world and enter your child’s photo for a chance to win!

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