Hi my name is Martha Henderson and I am the lead writer and editor of www.Babyphoto-Contest.com/ and also www.BabyGerber.org/. I have a true passion for writing about baby photo contests and baby contests in general, either on or offline. Some of the premier baby photo contests that I like to write about are the Gerber Baby Contest both in 2011 and 2012. Also “The Cute Kids Contest” online where you can win $2500 guaranteed per month if your cute kid is voted by others to be the cutest for that month. If you put an entry in for the grand prize you could win $25,000. Contests like these as well and the Baby Gap Contest that can really boost a child’s start in the modeling industry , are what I am passionate about and love to write about. Please visit my websites and learn all the tricks of the trade so that you can increase your chances in winning when you enter these and other baby contests online. Thanks for listening. Martha Henderson.

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