The GAP Baby Contest – A Priceless Opportunity

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Never heard of The Gap before? From what planet do you hail? Gap is the key brand under Gap Inc., which is one of the most popular clothing retailers in the world. The corporation has over 3,200 stores in 90 different countries. Other Gap Inc. brands include Old Navy, Banana Republic, Piperlime, and Athleta. Perhaps the only thing more well-known than Gap is the Gap Baby Contest; it is a priceless opportunity that parents wait all year to enter.

How to Enter the Gap Baby Contest

Once a year Gap invites parents and guardians to submit photos to its annual contest. Babies must be 4 years and under to be eligible for the competition. Older kids between the ages of 5 and 10 can enter the Gap Kids Contest. In previous years, pictures have been accepted at call. If you frequently check the store’s website, you will be able to catch the submission dates for the next contest. There are also several online photo competitions which actively promote the Gap event so keep your eyes open whenever you are online.

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What the Gap Judges are Seeking

Photo contests judges are looking for more than just pretty faces. For instance, the Gap judges in the 2012 contest focused on the whole baby. Not only did they view the pictures, but they also carefully reviewed the attached description of the child which was written by the contributing guardians. The narrative described how each baby’s presence made the world a better place. These changes in the world could be inspired by something as effortless as a smile or by the sharing of a simple gift. Essentially, Gap jurors are looking for babies who have appealing looks and expressive personalities that invoke emotions in members of their target market.

The Public’s Role in the Gap Baby Contest

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After Gap’s panel of jurors selects 10 baby/toddler finalists (5 boys and 5 girls), the public decides who will become the young spokespeople for the brand. Once the finalists’ photos are placed online, voters can choose their favorites once a day in each of the two groups. The two tots with the most votes win the competition. With that being said, if you are the parent of one of the finalists, this is the time when you would be encouraging every person you know (including all those Facebook friends you have never actually met) to vote for your cute baby.

The Prizes for the Winning Babies

The prizes for the Gap Baby Contest winners are huge and include:

* Substantial gift cards for the finalists and winners
* A Gap marketing campaign
* Worldwide publicity
* Possible agent representation

Best of all, the last two prizes are not reserved solely for the winners and the finalists. Any child who enters will be seen by an esteemed panel of judges who might recommend him or her to agents who are always on the lookout for cute babies.

The Gap Baby Contest Guidelines

The reality is that your adorable baby has just as much chance of winning the competition as any other baby. There is only one way that you can assure your child will not win the contest, and this is by not following the guidelines and rules. Some of the guidelines are listed below:

* Photos which are submitted must have been taken with three months of the submission date.
* The copyright of all submissions must be held by the respective entrant’s parents or court-approved guardians.
* Photos should not exceed 5 megabytes in size.
* Acceptable photo formats are .png, .gif, and .jpeg/.jpg.
* Photos which have been manipulated or altered are not acceptable. Minor improvements such as red eye reduction and background cropping are not included in this category.
* Only one baby can be the subject of each submission. Pictures of multiple children are not allowed.
* Submitted photos cannot have been entered in any competition or public display of any sort.

The rules of the Gap Baby Contest are pretty clear-cut; they could not be easier to follow. Start browsing your favorite baby pictures today. All that is standing between your adorable baby being the next Gap baby is your entry into the competition.

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