Dressing Your Cute Kids for All Occasions

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Dress Your Cute Kids for Success and Self Esteem

In the beginning, as a new parent, you may find it a bit trying to dress your cute kids, but there is no need to worry. You can rest assured that your parents and friends with children will provide you with hundreds of suggestions. Unfortunately, at times it may seem that although these people have good intentions, they are not giving you advice that is appropriate for your family. Hopefully, this article will provide you with a few tips that will make dressing your children a whole lot easier.

All Kids are Unique

The fact that all kids are unique is something you definitely know. You can pick your child out among hundreds in a packed Chuckie Cheese game room. It is not just about what he or she may be wearing; it is about the way she always stands on her tippy toes or how he prefers to hop about instead of walking. Qualities like these are just a few of the traits that make your children wonderfully unique. Your kids’ clothing should be just as distinctive.

But Don’t Some Parents Dress Their Kids Alike?

Yes, there are parents who dress their kids in matching outfits, especially when those children are twins and triplets, but who says that is a good thing? Parents dress their kids in this manner because they think it presents an attractive picture of their youngsters. Have you ever noticed though that this “matching” of the outfits is usually only seen in very young children?

Could it be because the infants and toddlers are too young to complain and really do not care. At this point in their lives, they actually have much bigger concerns. When the children get older, they begin to understand how truly different they are, and as such, they begin to dress themselves in ways which express their individuality. At the end of the day, it is solely up to you how you dress your children. Just know that even if their outfits are not identical, they are still cute kids.

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Different Styles for Different Times

Just as you do not wear the same outfit every day, all day, your kids will not wear the same thing either. The activities they are doing and the events they are attending will help you decide what clothes will best suit them.

A Play Date

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Dress Your Toddlers as Individuals

The whole purpose of a play date is so that children can play and have fun with their peers. The key consideration should be for your child’s comfort. Loose jeans, shorts, and colorful, cotton shirts are very comfy and allow kids to move around easily. If you know your kids will be getting dirty (for example – playing after a hard rain or painting), you should have them wear some of their older clothing. Over time, your children will be able to express how they feel about the clothing styles and colors that you choose. This will make it easier for you to pick the perfect play date outfit.

School Days

If the school does not insist upon specific attire, then you should help your child choose a wardrobe that is not only fashionable but also comfortable. While you want to allow your kids to have some input into what they wear, you must always make sure they wear clothes which are appropriate for a school setting. Tee shirts should not contain offensive content and clothing should not be too tight or too revealing. Even younger children should be allowed to pick out their own school clothes. This show of trust will go a long way towards helping them realize the value of their own opinions.

Weddings and Other Special Gatherings

As always, comfort should be the key determinant in what your children wear. For special occasions, while the attire may be a little nicer, it should still be easy to wear. Dresses are perfect for little girls, and dress pants or shorts (depending on the weather and the affair) and polo-type shirts are ideal for young boys. Dress shirts will also work for young men, but ties should be avoided with small boys because they often find them irritating.

No matter how you decide to dress your youngsters, remember they will always be your cute kids. Never forget that clothes do not make great children; great parents do that.

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