How Can My Child Become the Gerber Baby on the Food Jars?

In order to have never seen or heard of the Gerber Baby, you would have had to have lived on a deserted island for your entire life. Since the early 1900ís, the Gerber Baby has been one of the most well-known faces on the planet.

The Gerber Baby on the Food Containers

gerber baby contest

Is Your Baby the Next Gerber Baby?

It all began in 1928 when Gerber decided they wanted to give their food brand a sense of identity. The decision was made to hold a competition to find the perfect baby. An artist by the name of Dorothy Hope Smith provided the ideal face when she sent in a sketch of the adorable Ann Cook Turner. Since then, Baby Turner has been the beautiful face people see on Gerber products and advertisements.

Other Gerber Babies

Yes, you do sometimes see other Gerber babies in advertisements and on internet and television commercials. While Dorothy Hope Smith’s illustration of Turner is a trademark of the Gerber Company and is always attached in some way shape or form to Gerber merchandising and packaging, other babies have appeared in advertising and marketing for the internationally-known company.

Making Your Child One of the Other Gerber Babies

First of all, you should know that not just any baby can be a Gerber Baby. Babies selected to represent the food giant are more than just cute. These endearing youngsters also have captivating personalities and are capable of visibly expressing emotions while invoking it in others. Does this sound like your child? The best way to discover if your baby has what it takes to become a Gerber star is to enter online photo competitions.

Using Online Photo Competitions to Get Started in Entertainment

On occasion, online photo competitions have been known to launch the careers of the rich and famous. When you enter your baby’s photo in a reputable contest and the judges really like what they see, do not be surprised if you hear from an agent who wants to see more from your child. It is show business, and as they say, sometimes it is about who you know. Internet photo contests can help you meet all the right people.

Selecting the Right Competitions to Enter

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Ideally the best contest to help your child become a Gerber Baby would be the Gerber Baby Contest; however, this contest is not currently active as the company recently crowned a gorgeous baby in 2011. Even so, Gerber is always looking for adorable tots to help sell its product lines. To find these children, they count on the sponsors of the top photo competitions and respected modeling agencies to do the work for them. A few of these contests are even affiliated with or sponsored by Gerber so research well before entering.

How to Win These Baby Photo Contests

Just like any other contest, you will want your son or daughter to put his or her best foot (or in this case, face) forward. This means you should submit only your best photos; the ones where your baby’s face is clearly visible and where his or her personality is evident and appealing. Your baby should be the picture’s main attraction; the surrounding background should be plain and inconspicuous. Keep in mind that baby photo judges are not interested in group photos; they only want to see your beautiful child. Make sure you give them what they want, and you may end up getting what you want.

The Benefits of Becoming a Gerber Baby

The first benefit is that your baby does not have to do anything except be naturally beautiful, and he or she can still earn money. When we speak of money, we are not talking about a little money but a lot. To get an idea of how well Gerber pays, Mercy Townsend, the recent winner of the Gerber Generation Photo Search, won a $25,000 college scholarship. Additionally, the publicity from the contest and from being the Gerber Baby will undoubtedly provide many more entertainment opportunities for this adorable young lady.

To answer your question, your child will probably never replace Ann Turner Cook on the Gerber products; no child of this generation probably will. With that being said, your child can obtain work as a Gerber Baby performing other promotional tasks. The job could very well be the launching pad for bigger and better things.

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