So You Have the Cutest Baby in the World?

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I imagine you know for a certainty that you have the cutest baby in the world. Nobody really does not have to tell you; you simply know this without a doubt. Honestly, I can’t blame you because I feel the same way about my own infant, Jessica. I too, know that my Jessica is the most beautiful child on this planet. I have probably taken thousands of pictures of her from day one until now. It would not surprise me if I have more photos of Jessica on my cell phone than I do have phone numbers. I cannot make it through an entire day without wanting to snap a picture of her. My last ten screensavers on my laptop have all been photos of Jessica.

What to Do with Photos of the Cutest Baby in the World?

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As I have stated previously and will state repeatedly, my daughter truly is the cutest baby in the world. Needless to say, my friends and family members do not always appreciate the daily texts and emails which never fail to include a picture of Jessica in this outfit or that one, or looking serious, or smiling her adorable little grin. At first, I had to admit that no one, besides my husband, could truly appreciate the adorableness of my little sweetheart’s pictures, then I finally said – ‘whatever’ and sought out to find those who could recognize and appreciate my daughter’s photogenic talent.

Photo Competitions for Cute Babies

Needless to say. I did not have to look any further than the internet to find thousands of photo competitions for cute babies. There were so many of these contests out there that it literally took me over a week to sort through them all and find the best ones. Hopefully the advice I am sharing with you today about photo contests for the cutest baby will make your search less tedious.

What I Personally Learned about Cutest Baby Photo Competitions

Contest Differences

FREE Samples and Coupons for Brand Name Products!Sadly, I had to learn the hard way that not all cute baby competitions are the same. Many of the baby photo competitions are not genuine. While they may promise great prizes and modeling opportunities, a large number of them are merely photography contest scams. While no real judging ever takes place, you will be told that your baby is a winner. Still, in order to receive the featured spotlight and be placed in contact with industry experts (of course with no guarantee of job offers), you will have to pay a fee of some sort. In general, these are the photo contests that disappear from the web almost as quickly as they appear. By doing thorough online research, you can avoid these con artists.

The Judges

In order to win one of these contests, it is not enough that your child merely be cute. Today, jurors are looking for more than good looks. Judges wants to see babies who are stars in print. Any pictures you submit should show your youngster’s distinct appealing personality which makes him or her stand out from all the other babies in the world. Take the time necessary to select the best of all your baby photos to enter into competition.

The Entry Requirements

Knowing the entry requirements for the cutest baby in the world contests is very important. Once I spent half a day trying to figure out why my picture would not upload. If only I had read all the entry requirements and saw the photo had to be bigger than wallet size, I would have saved myself a great deal of time and frustration. Each photo competition may have different submission requirements so know what they are before you click on the upload button.

Prizes and Rewards

Prizes vary among contests as well. Some prizes are quite valuable while others have very little worth.  Despite what most people believe, the prizes that accompany the free online photo competitions are typically rather small.  Paid competitions have larger prizes, such as tuition awards, because the entry fees are used to help fund the prizes. Prizes that come along with the paid contests also often include print and/or commercial opportunities and representation with a professional agent.

At the end of the day, you have to decide if baby photo competitions are right for you and your child. From one parent speaking to another, I can say they have worked out quite nicely for my family. We have won a couple of really nice prices, and my baby has even been featured in a couple of print circulars. What do you have to lose if your child really is the cutest baby in the world?

$2500 Won Monthly – FREE ENTRY +

FREE Subscription to “BABY” Magazine – Click Here

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