Facts about Online Photo Competitions

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kids pics are adorable. Enter them in pic contest.

It is always easy to recognize new parents. In addition to being the ones who look as though they have forgotten how to sleep, they are also the ones who usually have their cell phones in their hands. Even though their eyelids are always heavy, newbie moms and dads cannot help but share pictures of their new family members. They are certain that they have the cutest babies on the planet, and they know everyone else shares their sentiments. The majority of these parents are the ones who enter online photo competitions.
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The Awards

A large quantity of those who enter the contests do so simply because they want others to recognize their children’s beauty, and the rest enter for no reason other than the online photo competition prizes. You seriously cannot blame those who are solely interested in  the financial rewards that come with winning baby photo contests because some of the prizes are really quite impressive. Some of the rewards, which are often given, are gift cards, cash prizes, college scholarships, agency representation, and modeling and acting gigs. Of course, the bigger the contest; the bigger the awards. For instance, if your child is lucky enough to become a Gerber Baby or the Cute Kid, then you can expect all of the prizes mentioned above and then some.

Who Can Win Baby Photo Contests?

The field is wide open for anyone to win a baby photo contest because the criteria used for judging has changed over the years. When jurors evaluate pictures these days, they are looking for much more than a cute kid. They are not turned off by missing teeth and oddly placed freckles. These are characteristics that make your children extraordinarily interesting. To a certain extent, looks come second to most judges. These days the panel of judges are looking for babies with charming personalities just as much as they are searching for children with appealing physical features. Again, with the new judging criteria, every baby can win a photo contest so why wouldn’t you enter at least one competition?

Now that You Have Decided to Enter – How to Win

There are some factors you can influence in baby photo contests, and some factors upon which you have no influence at all. Here are three of the factors which you can influence.

1) The choice to enter the competition is always yours. Since there are so many baby contests on the internet, you can sift through them until you find the one that you like the best. If you explore a website and come upon something which does not seem right to you, move on to another photo event. On the other hand, you might find numerous contests that you want to enter. In this case, you can register for as many competitions as you like. Depending on the rules, you might not be able to use the same picture in all the contests.

2) You are in charge of selecting the photo that you enter into an online competition. Since you have that power, you are in control of what gets seen by the judges and what does not. If you choose wisely, the picture you enter could be chosen as the judges’ favorite. If your choice is not that great, it is always good to know there are still other contests out there.

3) Many baby competitions use public votes as the deciding factor among finalists. If you have entered a contest of this sort, then this is your opportunity to be the cheerleader for your own baby. While you may be content to click once a day, that is probably not going to help you win any competition prizes. Now if you get all you friends, family members, and co-workers to click, and if they tell everyone in their circles to click, then you will really see a change in your child’s vote total. In this case, your efforts could really influence the outcome of the contest.

Factors Beyond Your Influence

2007 baby contest cutestOf course, you also have to deal with the photo contest factors upon which you have no influence. The smartest course of action is to acknowledge their impact upon your entry and then move on with your plans. Once you have played all your roles in the contests you have entered, there is nothing left for you to do. Put your mind on other things and wait, just like every other parent, to see how your baby photos fare in the competition. Who knows? The next Gerber Baby could be in your home right now.

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