It is Never Too Early to Nurture Your Kids

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Some kids grow up to be magnificent people, and despite what some researchers claim, it really is because of their environments. Children who grow up in supportive, nurturing families are more likely to become successful adults than their counterparts who do not grow up similar surroundings. The sooner you start nurturing your kids; the better off they will be. No age is too early to show them just how much you care, and you can do this in a number of ways.

Share Endless Hugs, Kisses, and Love

When your kids are young, they love to hug and kiss. Enjoy that time for all its worth because once youngsters hit their teenage years, you can wave those memorable days goodbye. Every now and then, you might be able to squeeze in a hug and even get them to exchange “I love you’s”, but those incidents will be less and less over the years. Still as a parent, you will never stop saying those three magic words even when the only response is a mumble you cannot identify because deep down you both know that it still matters, that it still makes a difference. The fact you spent so many years sharing hugs, kisses, and love shows your son or daughter that you will always love them, and that knowledge gives them the strength and the courage to be true to who they are.

Always Have Open Ears

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As parents, many of us feel we have paid our dues; we have been the soldiers and now we want to be admirals. Still, if your goal is to be a good parent, you can never forget that you were once a kid yourself. Think about the disagreements you had with your parents and how you felt they never tried to understand you. For this reason, you should always have open ears. Do not insist upon your way being the only way because as an adult you realize there is usually more than one solution to every problem. Listen to what your children have to say. They may teach you a thing or two, and in time, you will be able to hear them even when they do not feel like actually speaking. Then you will be a hero for being able to give them what they need without a word being spoken.

Give Frequent Compliments

Even as adults, when we are not given the praise we feel we deserve, we often become angry and resentful. On the other hand, when we are recognized for our efforts, we shine, and we try even harder to excel. Most kids are much more sensitive than adults so when they are not given the compliments and praise they need, not only do they become angry but they also stop trying and in many cases, they rebel against their parents and others who they feel do not appreciate them. Try and pay your child a compliment every single day. If you can think of nothing else to say, remind them of how much they brighten your world simply by being in it. When you catch them comparing themselves to other people in an unfavorable light, never fail to take the time to highlight what makes them special. This will allow them to foster healthy self-esteems that will allow them to handle life’s disappointments.

Believe in Your Kids

Supporting your children has to be the greatest thing a parent can ever do for their child. If you ask many of the celebrities today, talents like Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, these young people will tell you their parents supported them in their dreams even when they were very young. Even babies and toddlers know what they like to do so do not presume and place your ideas in their heads. Just observe them and see what gives them joy. Maybe your little boy loves baseball and is always reaching for his plastic baseball bat. Sign him up for a baseball camp especially designed for his age group. Perhaps your little girl enjoys being in front of a camera and takes great delight in looking at her own pictures. Enter her in a cutest baby contest. Sure your kids are young, but who knows what their futures will bring? Right now, you could be looking at the next Derek Jeter and the next Giselle Bundchen.

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