Q & A – About Free Baby Photo Contests

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In this world, the types of baby photo competitions can basically be divided into two kinds, free baby photo contests and paid baby photo contests.  Naturally, many people click on the free picture competitions because they do not cost anything. What these people fail to realize is that not having an entrance fee does not make a photo contest better than one that charges a fee to compete. This is just one fact most people do not understand about free baby photo contests. Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions regarding online picture competitions.

How Do I Know Which Baby Picture Competitions to Enter?

To begin with, think about how you normally do business. When you have to take your car in for repairs, do you take it to a well-established shop with an excellent reputation or do you just drop it at the first garage you see? What you should do, if you want to rest assured you are dealing with a professional enterprise which can actually help you, is take it to a shop which is known for taking care of its customers.

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“Sadly, You Sometimes Get What You Pay For”

Of course this garage may not be the cheapest, but you know that you can expect to receive the best service there. As such when you choose baby photo contests, you want to choose the ones with the best reputations and the ones which have been around the longest. Since it’s costly to administer good photo competitions online, you will not see many free baby photo contests on the web for lengthy periods of time. They are mostly fly by night enterprises where the sponsors exist solely to make money off advertising. If your goal is to win prizes and get your baby started as a model, you should be very selective about which picture contests you enter.

How are Free Baby Photo Contests Judged?

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Information about the judging process should be included on a contest’s website. In fact, it should not just be included; it should be highlighted so that it will not be missed. If you do not see information regarding the judges and the rating method, then you need to look elsewhere for an online photo competition. Ideally, the judges should be experts in their respective fields.

The Best Photo Competitions Have Professional Judges

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For instance, well-known photographers and highly-respected entertainment agents would be excellent judges. Sadly, free baby photo contests usually do not have the best judges on staff. Check out the website of a free picture competition. On most occasions, these sites will simply state that the submissions will be evaluated by a panel of judges. Who exactly are these judges? For all you know, they could be the three young boys of the single mother who is running the website. Always remember the best photo competitions have professional judges.

What are the Prizes in Baby Photo Contests without Entry Fees?

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Normally, free baby photo competitions have either small prizes or none at all. Small prizes are ones such as certificates of achievement, inexpensive trophies, and cash prizes typically under $50. Some of them will not even have awards like the ones listed above. Instead, they will make you offers such as including your baby’s picture in a book. The only catch is that you will have to pay a small publication fee. Of course, they will tell you this offer is only being made to the winning babies, but in reality, there were no winning babies because there was never a contest in the first place. Any decent baby photo contest will have prizes that come without strings. Before you go through all the trouble of entering a competition, check out the prizes first. If you do not, you might be greatly disappointed by your winnings.

Paid Baby Photo Contest Prizes vs. Free Competition Prizes

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The difference between the prizes from paid baby photo contests and the prizes from free baby photo competitions is huge. As mentioned previously, the awards that come with the free baby photo contests are typically rather small in value; on the other hand, the prizes which accompany baby photo competitions with entry fees are normally quite large, as in the thousands of dollars. Many of these competitions will also guarantee the winning baby a national magazine cover or a television commercial and representation with a noted agent or agency.

Online photo contests are fun and exciting events. If you want to make the most of them, know everything you can about the competitions before you submit your entries. The questions and answers shared above will be very helpful to you when you begin considering free baby photo contests.

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Social Media Roles in Baby Contests

So you’ve been thinking about running baby contests on a social media site. Where do you start? Which social network do you want to use? Can you even hold a competition there? We will focus on Facebook.

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Running a Competition on Facebook

Read the rules Facebook has in place for running competitions using their site. Because of liability issues, they’ve posted strict rules and regulations regarding these events. Did you know you cannot use checking in, uploading photos, commenting on posts, or even connecting to your applications as a way to enter your competition? You also cannot let winners know they won your competitions using messages, posts, or Facebook chat. Always read the regulations and guidelines. You’ll be held responsible for any legal issues regarding your competitions. From what can be gleaned from the rules, Facebook only gives you the people and you’re on your own for everything else.

Using Third Party Applications

Use programs such as Offerpop, ShortStack, and Woobox to get around Facebook’s competition rules. Ensure that your participants can find your competition by using these promotional methods. Post information about the competition with a link on where it is. You can pin that post to your time line as well.

Create a Official Rules Page/ Terms & Conditions

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One of the rules Facebook has implemented is, that you must post the rules, eligibility requirements, and official terms for the competition. You need to also include a statement completely releasing Facebook of any liability and make sure they understand that Facebook is not endorsing, sponsoring, or even associated with your competition. Make sure your participants understand any personal information they give you to sign up not going to Facebook, but is going to you instead.

Hire a lawyer to make sure everything is legal and above board. Know your rights and responsibilities. This not only protects your interests, it protects those of your entrants as well.

Another aspect some people forget to think about is checking to see how your competition can be held. For example, Victoria, Canada only allows prizes of $5,000 dollars or greater. What is legal in the United States might not be legal in Australia. Check state and country regulations. Some places may have you acquire a permit, before you can even begin planning your competition.

And The Winner Is

How do you notify the winner when you can’t let them know using Facebook? Send traffic back to your website you created for your competition. Let the participants know when the competition ends and how long or what day you will announce the winner.

Figure Out an Awesome Prize

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The best way to make your competition worthwhile, since there’s lawyers and third party applications involved, figure out a really good prize to give away. The better the prize is the more entrants you’ll receive and the more traffic you’ll get to your website. This also means people will be sharing your website. Upload photos of the prize also. Make the competition as exciting and rewarding as possible.

What is The Goal You Want to Achieve?

Goals help you stay focused and on track. Knowing and sticking to what you want to accomplish will stream line the process of creating a competition. You can’t just put your competition on your page and think people will just enter. You need goals. How many people can enter? What is the limit? What tools will you use to promote the competition? Make a banner for your website or contact media relations. Creating a blog is another way to promote the competition, but be prepared, that it takes a lot to set one up. You want to reach new entrants every day.

baby photo contest

baby photo contest

Even with all the barriers in place using Facebook to promote  baby contests or other competitions, it can be accomplished with a lot of thought and planning. You can also expand the event, by basing it using Facebook, then adding your Twitter followers into the mix as well. Don’t forget to research the rules and regulations that need to be followed if you do so. Learn whatever you can from running your first competition and then do more of them. Trial and error is your friend.


Watching Out for Baby Photo Contests Scams

So you want to enter your baby into a baby photo contest. And why not? Everyone wants to see your legacy, right? How do you find the right one when there’s so many ways to enter? There’s hundreds of  magazine photo competitions, local, online, and modeling agency events to choose from.

With so many competitions and social events in the world for babies, there’s always the few people who want to take advantage of other people and try to milk them out of their hard earned money. There’s tips and tricks to prevent this. A little foreknowledge and common sense can go a long way in protecting your baby and your family.

Beware of Scams

free baby photo contest

Free Baby Photo Contest

Always check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) before entering any form of social event or competition. There’s various ways to contact the BBB listed on their website. There’s numerous scams out there and not everyone has the best interests of your child at heart. They only want your money. Some may want fees to enter your baby’s photos. Not all competitions that charge fees are scams, so it pays to check them out. The legitimate ones are only trying to cover overhead and website hosting costs.

Some contests ask for your cell phone carrier. Don’t fall for this as they’re wanting to send your  information to advertising companies and third party affiliates. This could make for a very big surprise on your next phone bill. If they ask you, it’s a sure sign the competition is a scam.

Other sites tell you that your baby’s photo has won a spot in their coffee table book or themed photo album and you can get the book at a discount. They take your money and you never get the book. When people catch on to what they’re doing and report the fraud, the companies shut their website down and create a new one. Still others ask you to pay for a representative or tell you to pay for an agent for your photos that you don’t need. These are typically of all scams.

If you receive an email shortly after entering notifying you that you’ve won be wary. Usually this is followed by a request, however disguised, for money. This is a another sign that a scam is going on.

Another way to check to see if a competition is a scam is to put the name of the event into a search engine with the word “scam” behind it. See what pops up.

If the website is only for the purpose of said event, it’s highly likely a scam.

Another reason to make sure the competition isn’t a scam is because some people don’t want your money at all. They just want the baby photos because they may have a problem with liking young children. No one wants to think about this, but it’s out there and needs to be made aware of.

Finding The Legitimate Ones

Look for a baby photo competition that’s endorsed by name brands you trust such as Gerber, Crayola, Fisher Price, BabyGap, and others. These companies will not usually endorse another company they don’t trust. Most of these name brands hold their own types of contests as well so they’re always worth checking out.

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There’s a plethora of parenting and national baby magazines that hold legitimate contests. Some popular magazines include Parenting, American Baby, Babytalk, and Parents. They usually hold events every year and will have all the information needed on their websites. Make sure the deadline hasn’t passed for the contests.

Another way to go is to check out your local or online modeling agency websites. Some of them hold contests to find new clients. If the company is legitimate they will not ask for up-front fees of any kind. If you win the competition, they should offer to represent your child for free.

Any Doubts

If you have any doubts about a baby photo contests that catches your interest, do your research, ask questions, check with the Better Business Bureau and always read the fine print. Common sense and fact checking will keep your family safe from all the scams and con-artists out there.

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