Can My Baby Win a Free Baby Photo Contest?

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You find your baby to be absolutely adorable; you get lost in her beauty every time she smiles. You are certain all your friends and family feel the same way. Still, you cannot help but wonder if people outside of your circle actually believe she is a stunner as well. Could you be putting a future runway star to bed every night? You very well could be. How do you know?

Online Photo Competitions

Online photo competitions are fun, easy, and a great way for you to figure out if your child has what it takes to be a model. For all you parents out there who are convinced that your baby is the cutest thing to ever hit the planet since ‘Hello Kitty”, these competitions are the perfect way for you to finally answer the question of whether or not your baby can win a free baby photo contest. These contests are quite plentiful and best of all, they are completely free.

Free Baby Photo Contests

When it comes to free baby photo contests, it seriously does not get any easier than being able to earn prizes simply by showing how beautiful your child is. The entry procedures for most of these competitions are generally undemanding. You fill out a small registration form and then you upload a photo. The winners’ awards fluctuate from contest to contest, and some of them offer better prizes than others.

Which are Better – Free or Paid Picture Competitions?

If your goals for entering online picture contests include more than just earning a title (perhaps your interests are purely financial), then you should also consider baby photo competitions that may charge a small fee. The fee-based contests typically have prizes of greater value than those given out by the free ones. The word “typically” does not refer to all photo competitions. There are a number of excellent free baby photo contests that have highly-valued awards. Only you can decide which competitions are right for you. What is important is that once you decide which contests to enter, you take the necessary steps to win them.

Increasing Your Child’s Odds to Win a Free Baby Photo Contest

While there is never a guarantee about how a game or competition will end, there are certain things you can do to make sure your child has a real chance of winning. The same argument can definitely be made in regards to your young one earning a prize in an online picture competition. Below are two bits of advice you should heed to help put the odds in your baby’s favor.

FREE Samples and Coupons for Brand Name Products!#1 - Always use your best pictures. These are the photos that have the perfect lighting and plainly show your child’s best features. The pictures should also reveal your baby’s personality because the judges like to see the characteristics that make your child unique. Jurors especially enjoy looking at kids who are seemingly filled with life. The photos you submit should show these sides of your baby. Unless the contest is specifically requesting “mean” or “unhappy” kids or something of that nature, you should never submit pictures that show crying, angry, or unsmiling children. People tend to find these photos unattractive. Remember, everyone loves to look at a happy baby.

#2 - Do not ignore the contest requirements. Entering a contest without reading the rules is pretty much like taking a car out of park without knowing how to drive. Of course, it is not nearly as dangerous or dramatic, but you get the point about it being a very silly thing to do. How can you possibly expect to win a free baby photo contest if you do not know the guidelines? Imagine this: after finally locating the perfect photo, you upload it, just minutes before the deadline. Suddenly, you receive an error message; your entry cannot be processed. As you try and figure out what is going on with the website, the submission period ends. After sending an angry email to the competition sponsor, you are informed your photo was too big. Of course if you had read the requirements, you would have known this. Nobody likes reading the small print, but you should, especially when you are trying to win a free baby photo contest.

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