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There are over two hundred babies born every minute of every single day so it is not surprising the subject of babies is always being mentioned in conversation somewhere. On the internet, the topic is constantly trending. If you are an expectant mother who is already thinking of ways to supplement your income and earn free gifts for your child, the web is the perfect place to find a free baby contest. Thousands of these contests are in existence, and each one offers great prizes for the entrants.

The contests with the best awards are the online picture competitions. You can find them for pregnant mothers and babies alike. You can have your family members or friends take pictures of you right now and then enter your favorites at some of the most popular contest websites. Of course, the baby competitions will have to wait until after you give birth, but meanwhile you can be figuring out how to take great pictures that can win any baby contest.

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Becoming the Best Baby Photographer Ever

The best way to learn to take pictures is by simply spending time with your camera. Take pictures and take them often. If you have friends and family members with babies and young children, practice taking photos of their kids. The more you take pictures and honestly evaluate them; the better your skill will be.

Tips for Taking Great Photos

FREE Samples and Coupons for Brand Name Products!Many individuals pay good money for photography classes so they can consider themselves experts at taking pictures. It really is not necessary to spend thousands of dollars on a diploma or degree in photography. In this economy and especially with a new child arriving soon, you definitely want to save all the money you can. Luckily, many of the things you need to know in order to take great pictures can be found in the four tips below.

Tip#1 – Close-ups Make Great Photos

You do not have to do anything to a baby’s face to make it perfect. All babies are born naturally beautiful. For this reason, you should take many facial shots of your child. A photo of your baby looking at the camera, with bright and inquisitive eyes, is a revealing and intimate shot that will mesmerize anyone who sees it.

Tip#2 – Don’t Underestimate the Power of the Light

Next to the subject, the lighting is probably the most important ingredient that goes into taking the perfect picture. When the lighting is too bright, individuals often squint while their photos are being taken. Not enough light produces shadows which sometimes distract from the individual’s facial attributes. As often as possible, avoid using a camera flash because it may cause your child to blink. In the case of newborns, never use a flash because of the sensitivity of the baby’s eyes.

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Tip#3 – Remember – Stars Shine without Accessories

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When you look in the sky, sometimes you are mesmerized by a star’s brightness. You could look at it for hours if you had the time. It is amazing how that one star can captivate you, but that is all it takes – one single picture that shines with its brilliance. In this case, there is no need for accessories which distract from your vision. When taking pictures of your son or daughter, let them be the star. While props and backgrounds can be nice, too often they take away from the subject of the photo.

Tip#4 – Let Your Subjects Have Fun

Formal poses are not fun. After too many of them, children start to squirm about, and they no longer deliver those gorgeous grins the cameras love. If you want to get those smiles that are real and fabulous, then you should let your young ones choose their own poses. There may be a chance your tiny dancer wants to show off some of her best moves or your future baseball star may want to practice his swing in front of your camera. Catch your kids doing what they love and turn their passion into some amazing pictures.

Once your friends start calling you baby paparazzi, you will know you have practiced using your camera more than enough. Add in the tips shared in this article and by the time your little darling is born, you will be ready to take priceless photos capable of winning any free baby contest.

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