How do I Host My Own Baby Photo Contest?

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Hosting Your Own Baby Photo Contest

Thousands of people and companies create a baby photo contest every day. There’s many reasons to hold a free cute baby contest  & event such as this. Just for fun, to raise money for a charity, and fund-raising are just a few. If a business needs promoted or needs new clients this is also an excellent way to achieve both necessities.

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Planning the Competition

Work out all the details of the event and make sure all questions that come up can be answered right away. Posting these details on a website or other forum as the plans are being made will help with exposure to the event. A party of sorts is sometimes a good idea to hold when announcing the winner. This can be held at a local fair, schools, carnivals, or parks. Tie in the event with these venues.

Figure out who the target audience will be. Since this is a competition with babies, the target should be parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, and possibly brothers and sisters.

Decide what type of competition you want to have. There’s many different varieties. Some include, but are in no way limited to, beautiful baby, cutest baby, best sleeping picture, best costume, kids with animals, and best baby/parent look alike competitions. Choose the photo sizes that will be accepted. If wanted, divide the contest into age groups, boys and girls, and plan the prizes accordingly.

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The format for the competition is extremely important. Different formats include online, local, and mail in entry only. Choose which one will work best for the situation. Possibly combine more then one if needed.

One great idea for a local baby photo competition is to have jars set up with the baby’s photo taped on the front of each one. A dollar in the jar means one vote for that baby. All proceeds can be given to charity. Offer a baby related prize to the winner’s parents.

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Enter Your Baby in the Cute Kid Contest

If the event is for charity, decide on an entrance fee. Try not to make this too high, even if it’s for a great cause. The lower the fee, the higher chances of more entrants, which means more money. Add a raffle of sorts, if necessary.

Prizes are an important part of the event and makes more people want to enter. Choose which prizes and how many will be awarded. Plan out how many places there will be such as first, second, and third. Maybe there’ll only be one winner.

Choose a start time/date and end time/date for the competition. Having a solid figure of how many entrants will be accepted is key. Figure out much time is needed to go over all of the individuals who enter to determine the best one.

Start knocking on doors and making phone calls. These competitions do much better with sponsors to help with overhead costs. Many local businesses would love the extra exposure. If the company is the one holding the event, then a sponsor isn’t needed. Get  the word out for donations as well if necessary. This, of course, depends on what type of event is being held.

Creating an easy to use entry form is highly important to the success of a competition. User-friendly websites are a must if used. Many grandparents who might not be to tech savvy might want to enter their grandchild.

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Opening the Gate

Once all the details are worked out, it’s time to let people enter. Post guidelines and policies in an easy to get to place. Minimize small print and make the website effortless to use and fun to read. This will draw more entrants.

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Make the competition as fun and exciting as possible while it’s in progress. Keep everyone updated on the happenings going on. Having a running total of votes is key. People like to know where their babies stand.

And The Winner Is

Close the competition at it’s end and throw the party, if one was planned, to announce the winner. If the event was held online post the winner for everyone to see. Remind everyone what the event was all about and thank them for their time.

Sponsoring or hosting a baby photo contest can be fun, exciting, and rewarding. Success is in the details. Plan accordingly to what the end goals are. Most of all, have fun and enjoy the entire process. Remember, if the event is being held to raise money for a charity, nothing feels better then helping someone else in need.

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