How Does a Baby Photo Contest Lead to a Modeling Contract?

baby photo contest

From Baby Photo Contest  to Modeling Agency Contract

If you want a shot at getting your precious little one into the modeling field, creating a portfolio and entering a baby photo contest or a free baby modeling contest is the simplest route to go. There’s many factors involved in this creative process and the sky is the limit with how inventive you can be.

The Cute Kid Contest

Entering these competitions can be a spring board for bigger and better things. One of these is by winning a modeling contract. How do you get started?

Instruction Manual

First, take as many shots of your child in various poses and settings. Get several close ups that will highlight their best features. Try to get the child to make various facial expressions using whatever technique works best. Attitude/personality type shots, a head shot, and a full body shot are usually required.

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Always carry a fresh supply of batteries for your camera and an extra SD card or two. If you’re using an older style of camera make sure you have plenty of rolls of film.

The best way to get your attitude/personality shots is to have the baby playing with their favorite toy, running outside, swinging, and/or playing at the park. Use your imagination and what would work best for the child. What does your child enjoy doing most?

cute kid with pumpkin

You can Stage some of Your Cutest Baby Pictures

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get the right shots. Many people starting out make the mistake of hiring a professional photographer and spending way to much money. You can easily take the shots yourself. Some people find the agencies prefer family shots over professional ones.

To make your photos look more professional, you can and should send them out to have them professionally printed. Do not print them out at home. This ensures the quality of each photograph.

Put your contact information and any other relevant subject matter on the back of the photo to make it easy for the agency to reference them. Size, name, and age is a must. You’ll be choosing between five and ten of the best prints for your first portfolio. Never overwhelm the agency with too many photos. Also, this gives you a base of images to choose from when entering competitions.

Clothing is very important. Different seasonal shots wearing appropriate attire in various locations is always a great start. Choose clothes the child is comfortable, cute, and fit the child’s personality. Hats are always good, but make sure they don’t cast a shadow over the youngster’s face.

Try to get some out of the ordinary shots as well. Use props you normally wouldn’t use. Unfamiliar places also help. Doing so will show how well your baby adapts to different stimuli and environmental changes.

Looking for the perfect sitter?

Every photo you want to create for your portfolio or use for a baby photo competition needs to stay up to date. Babies grow quickly and change often. The shots shouldn’t be more then a month old. Doing this step isn’t as important if you’re just taking them to enter competitions. However, it’s crucial for a portfolio. If you turn in photos of your baby at two months old and the agency loves it? However, finds out your baby is actually six months old, you won’t get the contract.

Creating Your Portfolio

Find a nice binder that will showcase your project to it’s best advantage. Choose the best images for the front of the binder and place under a plastic cover. Don’t choose one that has any props and make sure the image is a close-up. Adding extra items and accessories to the portfolio isn’t necessary. Remember, this is a professional photo album, not a scrapbook.

The Cute Kid Contest

Whichever tips and tricks you decide to take from all of this information, make sure you have fun with the project. If you’re having fun, so will your child. Photo shoots can be very time consuming and tiring for a little one, not including travel time that might be involved. Bring snacks and toys to keep your child entertained and well-fed. Take as many breaks as needed. The portfolio needs to show that your child can pay attention and make situations work for them no matter what.

Now, enter that baby photo contest you’ve got your eye on and the best of luck! Your entire world, and that of your child’s, is about to open up beyond your wildest imagination.

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