How to Get Into the Famous Gerber Baby Contest – An Online Photo Contest with a Difference

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Becoming a Gerber Baby is not Easy – Is it Worth a Try for a $50,000 Prize?

Making your baby a Gerber star through the Gerber baby contest or one of the many free baby contests is a dream for countless moms around the world. There will hardly be a mother that doesn’t fancy her baby becoming a Gerber baby star. It’s a dream for the newbie moms as well. And the dreams do not easily become realities. There is a process that a mother has to go through to insure that her child has the best chances of being noticed.

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The Best thing a mother can do is to take the best picture she can and create the best environment for her child to look and act it’s best for the photo session. many people enter these online contests and just send in their tired old favourite photo that has been passed around to everyone. This is the first mistake you can make and will insure that your photo is ignored among the many others that have been taken with great care and insight.

Here are a few points to consider when entering your kids in the Gerber Baby Contest or any other contest like “The Cute Kids Contest”

How This Gerber Baby Competition Works

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Your kid Can Be the Gerber Baby if It’s not too Old

The Gerber baby photo contest is really very simple, just like any other typical photo contest. You’ll be asked to submit a photo of your baby and get registered, and then there will be a panel of judges who get to pick one photo among all the contestants. The owner of the photo (hopefully you) that is chosen by the judges is the winner. It’s as simple as that.

The Gerber competition also works in the same manner. The difference being that in the Gerber baby contest judges are tried and tested and much more experienced than some other contest judges. Therefore they are more discerning and discriminating and can be quite picky especially considering the huge competition. The Prize money is big also.

One of the few other contest that offer large prize money is the Cute Kid Contest. They offer monthly prizes of $2500 and a Grand prize of $25,000 Plus modelling contracts and countless advantages and bonuses for the winner(s).

The best part, regardless of which contest you enter, is the enormous exposure the winner gets from all sorts of media around the world. Almost to the same degree as the Hollywood celebrities get. Talent Scouts are constantly on the lookout for the “Next Big Star” and they are constantly looking through the entrants to these contest.

How Much Is the Prize Money

The last year’s Gerber contest winner walked away with a grand prize of $50,000 with many other exciting bonus prizes. This is one of the biggest event for the babies around the world and it’s sponsored by the Gerber Corporation. The prize money is only the starter or the appetizer, the main course is still yet to come. Just like anyone who has gone from oblivion (nobody knowing who you are….. Justin Beiber ring a bell) to everyone in the industry knowing your and wanting to include you in their projects and assignments. It’s a big trip for the winners and even the runner up.

How These Contests Work For the Gerber Brand

Gerber is a baby products and baby food marketing company. In the early 20th century Gerber hosted a contest searching for a new baby face to represent their product. The contest created a huge wave of interest for the Gerber Corporation and it gained huge popularity. The success of the campaign made the Gerber Corporation decide to continue this quest, searching for new talents worldwide. The contest brought such a branding explosion that the Gerber Corporation decided to use the baby’s picture as their trade mark. This becoming, over time, the major brand value for the corporation.

By hosting this contest every year, the Gerber Corporation is still enjoying the value of positive branding.  But that’s not the only way it is benefiting them. They’re in continuous need of new faces for their new products and this is why they keep getting new faces for their products. It’s a win win situation for both the parents and Gerber. So yo can understand that winning is a big deal and can shot put your child into stardom…. for real.

The Cute Kid Contest

How Does The  Selection Process Work?

The Process is simple to understand. They have their own set of rules for selecting the Gerber baby of the month. Follow these rules and do not undermine any of them. It is important that you pay attention to detail. It can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Quick Tips for The Contest

Before entering into any Gerber contest you should know some of the basic rules of the contest. This will  increase your chance of winning the competition.

Here are some important things to consider

1. Babies older than 48 months are not eligible to enter the contest.
2. Baby’s entrance is restricted by the country they live in.
3. Entries will be declined after the closing date.
4. Winners will be announced on every 15th of the month.
5. Natural photos will be encouraged and will get preference.
6. Photos containing nudity or photos of any dangerous position or anything close to that, will not be accepted for the contest.

You can upload as many photos as you want!

If you take care to follow these basic things then you’re good to go. There is an opportunity for every parent out there.

Click happy parents are eager to enter their babies into the contest and in excitement they forget the most important things to consider while submitting the application. The Gerber baby contest allows entries in a few different categories like:

1. Sitter

2. Toddler and crawler

Just be mindful to pick the right one for your child.

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How to Take the Best Picture for the Contest

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