How to Win a Baby Photo Contest – Stick to the Rules

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Be Prepared to Work

To win a baby photo contest is not an easy thing, therefore, needs hard work. The best photos are usually used in magazines to advertise baby products, so judges go for quality photos, which go well with their theme. They choose one that impresses them and a contestant should take photos that impress the judges. There are some tips below that one can use to win the contest.

It’s All About the Rules

First is to read rules of the contest, which are mostly found in their website. Reading the rules will enable one know the dos and dons of the competition to avoid disqualification due to lack of following instructions given. They also explain where to register to enter in the competition and the details to leave. Here is also where one can look at photos of past winners and know the type of photographs preferred by the judges.

cutest baby contestKeep on Theme & Subject

Shoot photographs, which comply with subject matter of the competition. Many people submit quality photos, but they forget to observe the theme targeted by the judges. The theme is usually mentioned in the rules and is a matter of taking photos that speak a message within the subject matter. Some parents assume such things and lose their chances of winning even when they have good photos.

Keep Your Composure

Another primary concern is the composition of a photograph. In a baby contest, the focus is on the baby only and therefore, no other person should be on the photo. The judges need to see the cute face of the baby, so one should avoid sunglasses or hats, and instead capture images that show the face. The child should fit well in the space within the photograph.

What’s Behind Your Photo?

A little background is also good, though it should not be overdone since it will make the face of the child appear small. Photographs also need to be unique. Judges tend to choose photos that stand out, so the more the image looks out of ordinary the more the chances of winning. When planning to shoot the photos, spare some time to think of a unique approach that will make the images look different from the other contestants.

Be Creative – Be Original

Photos with perfect composition, but look similar with others are not likely to be given a second look. Therefore, one needs to think hard and give out photos that are original. The parent should also submit quality photos only. Poorly taken images will never win because judges always choose photographs with the finest quality. This is made possible by first using a good camera.

gerber baby contestIt’s all About the Quality

Use a digital camera that is set to its highest quality setting and take with the good poses. Keep the camera near the child to capture little things that can impress the judges. A quality photo also communicates a message to the person looking at it and this is facilitated by a simple composition. Many elements in an image, dilutes the message, especially if it was supposed to come from a single element.

So What’s the Conclusion?

From the following tips, it is apparent that winning a baby photo contest requires hard work and dedication. It also involves following all the rules the competition has set without forgetting to register so that you can enter the competition. Following the tips above, the chances of winning are high and judges will not hesitate choosing the person as the winner of such contest.

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