Is it Worth Entering Online Contests and Sweepstakes or are They all Scams?

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Making Money with Online Contests and Sweepstakes

Every time a person turns around there seems to be another sweepstakes or more online baby picture contests  they can participate in. People can and do make money with these every day. Some sweepstakes offer points for rewards as well.

Sweepstakes and other competitions have been around for centuries. Sailors used one to solve the problem of trying to locate their ships using longitude. That prize was given to the man who invented a very accurate clock that was portable and was used to calculate longitude.

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What To Look For

Today it’s as easy as the click of a mouse to find thousands of sweepstakes and competitions to enter. Do some research on what prizes each site offers as some give out reward points. Still others  have a set amount of cash that has to be earned before payout can occur. Doing surveys online is a wonderful way to make a bit of spending money, but don’t expect to live off the winnings.

The Cute Kid Contest

Check local newspapers and magazines for events they’re holding as well. Winning free groceries for a year could really help out a family struggling to make ends meet.

Before you begin, a great idea is to make an email account specifically for entering these competitions. This makes organizing everything a breeze and saves time. Also, main email accounts don’t get clogged up with offers and invites.

See what information the website asks for. They should never ask for a social security number. Avoid scams because some can secretly give permissions to third parties that will not be welcome. This also protects the privacy of the participant.

Form-filler programs can be handy and streamline the sweepstakes and online contests entry process. Roboform is free to try. Try it before buying it. Other programs are also available by doing a simple web search.

Time to Begin

Decide how much time you want to spend entering and filling out forms. Some are as easy as signing up one time. Others let you sign up every day. Still more have other guidelines that must be met. Survey sites have different protocols as well. Several only send out surveys a few times a year, while others have different ones every day.

Read all guidelines and procedures for each company hosting an event. Make sure the competition is legitimate. Do a search for reviews and comments made by previous individuals who participated. See if any complaints have been made to the Better Business Bureau and what score they were given, if any.

The Cute Kid Contest

Enter and sign up for every competition and online event available as long as there’s no up front fees. The more entries the better chances are of winning. There’s people that do this for a living and are successful. Read blogs and informational sites for tips and tricks as well.

Keep being patient and eventually all this work will pay out. Perseverance and patience are key to entering sweepstakes and other competitions. Stay positive. This can be hard if it takes a long time to win anything, but keep doing it. Find other sweepers reports on how long it took them to win their first prize. Make sure any win is a legitimate one and do not overlook any. Ensure the prize can be collected. It doesn’t do any good if there’s a win and they can’t send out the prize. It’s a waste of time and effort.

Improving Chances to Win

Focus on prizes you really want to win. For example, if the prize is a new car that costs to much to license, insure and register, don’t enter. If the prize is tickets for a concert that’s too far away, again, don’t enter.

Enter as often as each sweepstakes allows. By entering hundreds of contests monthly, the odds of winning something greatly increases. Focus on sweepstakes that have more then one prize. The more prizes offered, the better the sweepstakes.

Always make sure there’s no state restrictions in place before entering. State law says that states are in charge of what rules will be in place for competitions. This means some states prohibit online sweepstakes of any kind.

Having fun while winning prizes can be a lot of fun. Grab the mouse and start clicking!

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