The Cutest Kid Contest 2012

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Cute Gerber Baby contest 2012

Cute Kids Make Cute Photos – Or Do They?

There are many opportunities for the cutest kids worldwide that you (the parent) have to seize. As parents, we always brag about how cute are kids are. Such cuteness will be solidified by joining in photo contests online. Only the cutest kids have the right to join these contests hence you should not waste your kid’s cuteness. It is high time that you consider submitting his/her photos for contest organizers to peruse.

Types of Photo Contests Online

However, be reminded that there are different types of photo contest. There are photo contests that cater to the babies and then there are those that cater to kids. Age does matter when it comes to online photo contest. This is more so when the contest is sponsored by big companies manufacturing baby and kid products. There are also photo contests that are either looking for a girl or a boy and then there are those that are looking for one boy and one girl. This will depend on the sponsors as well though most of the photo contests are looking for the cutest kid regardless of the gender.

There are also photo contests that are free and then there are those that are paid. The difference is that paid photo contests offer greater prizes than free photo contests. You have to decide first which of these types of photo contest should you and your kid will participate in. afterwards, you have to familiarize yourself with the rules and guidelines and the qualifications of the contests as well as the prizes to be won, all of which vary depending on the contest organizers. Nevertheless, the biggest photo contests usually offer the best prizes there are.

Finding the Best Photo Contests Online

If you think that participating in photo contests online is difficult, well, you’re wrong. Finding and entering the contest are relatively easy. First, you just have to search for a photo contest online. There are many photo contests online happening simultaneously so you will never run out of choices. Second, you may also ask your friends who have babies like you. Perhaps, they have already joined a photo contest. Third, you may check the classifieds of your local newspaper. Once in a while, photo contests are announced in newspapers with which voting will be conducted via the Internet.

Participating in Photo Contest Online

Focusing on the first process, once you have found the best site to sign up with, the next thing that you should do is to find the cutest and the most candid pictures of your kid. When you sign up in any site, you will be required to upload photo(s). The secret of winning in photo contest is capturing the most natural poses of your kid. Contest organizers and judges hate ‘staged’ photos. The same thing can be said of the voters who also hate photos that are rather forced. Remember that real people will judge and select the best photos of the cutest kids.

When signing up, you have to ensure that all the pertinent information is encoded correctly. The contest organizers will have to contact you in case your kid’s photo is shortlisted or chosen. As such, you have to give contact details that they can conveniently reach.

Winning in Any Photo Contest Online

Majority of the photo contests today require voting. Owing to this fact, you have to make the people around you aware that you and your kid had joined a photo contest. Ask them to contribute by voting regularly. As such, you have to exhaust all possible means to get the vote that your kid deserves. One of the most effective tools in soliciting votes is through Facebook. You may ask your Facebook friends to vote for your kids. Post the link in your wall and make sure that the link is click-able.  It would be very easy to entice people to vote for your kid if you will show enthusiasm on what you do. Also, you need not tell them twice if they know to themselves that your kid deserves to win the said contest.  You have to update them of the progress of the contest and how is your kid doing in the contest.

Pet Photo Contest

If you want to showcase how cute your pet is, you might as well join pet photo contests online. There are many pet photo contests online, some of which are free and some are paid. The basic difference is that paid photo contests offer greater prizes than the free photo contests. Also, free photo contests do not usually offer money prizes and when they do, these are ten times smaller than what paid pet photo contests offer. Anyhow, joining in pet photo contests is a surefire way of promoting your own pet.

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Choosing the Best Pet Photo Contests Online

If your goal is to promote your pet by publishing your pet’s photos in the Internet, then you should find the best sites. When we say the best, this means that you have to find contest sites that are highly reputable. There are sites that offer pet photo contest on a monthly basis. You may consider these sites because you and your pet may have higher chance of winning. The top pet photos will be chosen and corresponding prizes will be given for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placers. You have to take note of how to submit photos as the process vary from site to site. There are photo contests that require you to send a short description of the pet along with pictures to an email address provided. There are also sites that require you to upload the photos of your pet including a caption.

Further, there are also sites that provide the participants a link where they may sign up. The pet owners need to accomplish a form including the personal information and pet information prior to uploading the photos of their pets.  Your goal should be to submit the best photos of your pet. Of course, the best means that most candid and most natural pet photo there is. If you do not know how to shoot better pet photos, here’s how.

Capturing the Best Pet Photos

Becoming a ‘professional’ pet photographer is not without difficulties but you may always try. The most important part of pet photography is the tongue. When the pet’s tongue is inside its mouth, it can yield to the most classic and elegant pet photos. Nonetheless, sticking the tongue out is not always a bad thing either. You may equally capture the most natural photos of your pet even if its tongue is out.  Apart, your pet will look more serious than fun when its tongue is inside. You might hear that someone might say that your pet doesn’t look happy at all compared to when the pet’s tongue is sticking out. While you might lose the elegance, the photos will gain character or personality. Photo contest organizers love those photos that tell stories and only photos with character can do this.

What you should do is let your pet play in the most natural environment that you may find. Let your pet be itself, and then capture the moments through continuous clicking.  Nevertheless, you should consider submitting photos of your pet with tongue in and tongue out. The challenge would be getting your pet’s tongue in. The trick is to use toys especially those squeaking ones. Of course, this will depend on the type of pet that you have. You have to be ready to capture the moment at anytime especially after gently squeaking the toy. Remember that your pet will only stay in this position for only 30 seconds or less. This might be your only chance of getting that contest-worthy shot.

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The pet will get used to the sound of the squeaking toy so its effect will eventually subside. When this occurs, just flip the toy in the air and see what your pet will do. You have to be ready with your camera as well since your pet will definitely go after the toy.

You have to practice shooting within a short time-frame. At first, you will notice that 30 seconds is so fast but eventually, you will learn that there are many clicks that you can do within this time-frame. Yet another secret is setting your camera in automatic focus. This is a must if you want to capture the best, most natural moment of your pet worthy to be submitted to pet photo contests online.