Tips on Entering and Winning a Gerber Baby Contest

gerber baby contest

Is Your Baby a Good Enough to Become a Gerber Baby Contest Winner?

If you’re a single mom or dad or stay at home parent of a small child looking for the right baby modeling contest or any of the free baby contests, then a Gerber baby contest just might be the way to go. Children need to be two years of age or younger. There’s many factors involved before even entering a competition such as one like the Gerber Corporation holds.

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Enter the Cute Kid Contest – $2500 Won Every Month

Gerber gives away a $25,000 dollar scholarship to the lucky child along with cash in the amount of $5.000. Other prizes include a canvas photo portrait, a personal website, modelling contract, and a press release. This could lead your child to being offered television commercials and spots on TV shows.

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 $25,000 Dollar Shot

Everyone thinks their baby is the cutest thing anyone has ever seen and rightfully so. However, there’s ways to secure the best photo of your child that you can take. Make sure your baby is in a great mood. This brings out their best personality traits. Ensure your child has a great night’s sleep before you take any photographs. Being well fed will also enhance the image. Using props is usually not recommended. Keep the focus on your baby. Gerber looks for healthy, happy, and bright babies.


gerber baby contest

Your Cute Kid could be the Next Gerber Baby Contest Winner

Figure out what your baby’s best features are? This could be their mouth, hands, ears, or even their hair. When taking the image a portrait format is preferable over a landscape depending on what pose the child is in. If the baby is lying down, then a landscape would be ideal. If the child is sitting or standing then use the landscape option.

Secondly, make sure the photo you take fits the category of that particular event. The category changes with each competition. The best time of the day to take the winning shot is right after the child had their breakfast. To make sure the photo isn’t disqualified, follow all guidelines and rules. Take plenty of different angle shots as well. The more you have to choose from, the better the chances are you’ll get that one in a million shot. This ensures you’re on track and on your way to winning!

Looking for the perfect sitter?

Babies can tire easily. Make sure there’s plenty of toys to keep your baby entertained while you are taking the photos. This will keep them in a great mood and smiling for the camera.

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Make sure you know the ins and outs of your camera. The best images cannot be produced if the camera isn’t used at it’s full potential. Reading the manual and playing around with different ideas are both good ways to learn to use your photographic equipment to its maximum potential. Lighting is crucial to get the best shots of your baby. A shadow over the baby’s face wouldn’t work very well. Don’t put a lamp behind the baby. Use natural light if at all possible.

Preparing For The Competition

A great way to know what needs done is to research past event winners. Check out the previous photos and what category the competition was in. This can give inspiration when you do your photo shoot. Talk to friends who may have entered similar challenges and see how they handled it. Reading blogs and  information on other websites can also be extremely helpful.

Entering The Competition

Go to the Gerber Generation website. This is the main portal for the competition. Next, find and click on “Upload Image” and select the photo you picked out. The website will ask you to type in your child’s first name and choose a milestone (what developmental stage your baby is in). After this step, you’ll be asked to create an account with the Gerber Generation website. Don’t forget to verify your email address!

Now the fun part begins! After all the above steps are completed, contact all your family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, and anyone else that comes to mind. Make sure everyone you know is supplied with the link the website gave you. Have as many people vote for your bundle of joy as many times as possible.

Now, armed with all the knowledge and know-how needed to win a Gerber baby contest, what are you waiting for? Prepare yourself, your baby, and grab that camera! Good luck and remember the other little people when you win!

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